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Bad feelings

II have been taking levo (25mg) for about 2 months, and although my My thyroid levels have now stabilized, every morning I still feel the same, tremor, restlessness, some headaches, cognitive problems, aching in the arms. I have seen my GP but he says he has never known anyone to experience this.

I wonder if it is because the dose is to high I am experiencing hyperthyroidism how does anyone know what to do..

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If you really are taking 25 mg, then yes, you're bound to be over-dosed. But, if it's 25 mcg, which is the usual starting dose, then you are probably under-dosed and hypo. Can you tell us your levels (with ranges)? Otherwise, we're just groping around in the dark, so to speak. :)


It really does make a difference when it comes to talking to medical/pharmacy staff.

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