Any difference - 3x25mg or 1x50mg + 1x25mg?

Recently diagnosed with hashimoto's and have been taking 75mg of levo daily for a total of 3.5 weeks. Up until 5 days ago I was taking 3x25mg and symptoms were starting to improve but then I starting taking 1x25mg and 1x50mg - new prescription - for two days and felt awful, exhausted, terrible brain fog, low mood and sleeping for only 1.5 hours at a time throughout the night. I switched back to 3x25mg for last 3 doses and symptoms have again started to improve and I am sleeping better.

All of the levo I have taken is MP branded.

Is this simply the way it goes with hashi's or is it a dodgy meds issue?

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As it was all MP it really shouldn't make a difference whether you take 3 x 25mcg or 50+25mcg but another member recently reported that s/he was well on 2 x 50mcg Actavis but unwell on 1 x 100mcg Actavis so it obviously makes a difference to some people. Perhaps you could discuss it with your pharmacist and ask if you may have 3 x 25mcg tablets in future.

Hi Clutter,

Is it fair to say that although it's possible it's rather illogical given the manufacturer is the same?

I tried the 50mg + 25mg dose again on Saturday night just to be sure and it left me comatosed again yesterday so it's definitely something to do with the 50mg tablet. Given the ingredients are the same what is the likely cause?

Also worth noting I previously split a 100mg tablet to make a 75mg dose and had no ill effects the following day. Is it possible the 50mg tablet could just be a 'bad' batch?


The only way to tell if the 50mcg tablet is part of a bad batch is to compare it with a 50mcg tablet from a different batch. If you don't have the symptoms on the new tablet then it seems likely the orginal batch is bad and you should report it via

Hi Clutter,

Good call, will give that a try when I get the next prescription.

Thanks for the info and web address.

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