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Getting copies of your Test Results from Online Access. You need to apply first. Should be available to everyone!


I keep seeing posts where people are being charged for copies of their test results or being given no numbers by the GP who declare them to be normal.

It is in the GP contract that all patients can apply for online access for their Detailed Coded Records. This will allow you to see your parts of your medical including test results. The values of your tests are stated with the reference ranges. Some GP practice have embraced this further and you can see all your record with what was said in consultations etc.

Some practices do not agree with patient access and they will not advertise this right. Please look at NHS Choices for more information. This is an extra service on top of the online repeat prescription and online appointment booking. You need to fill in an extra application form. My GP surgery does not agree with this and at first the receptionists declared this was not available, if you come across this ask to speak to the IT manager. You have a right to see this information after all it is yours. You can also read up more about this on the "patient online" site. Please do not pay for paper copies of test results if you have a means of online access such as a PC or iPhone. You can copy and paste from the screen or take a screen shot if you want to show them to someone else.

The test results are also shown in relation to previous results in a graph if you explore. This will show trends. For example I can see all my FT4 results and the graph shows a downward spiral!

I hope this information is helpful. Please spread the word if you manage to do it!

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Although I have online access to ordering prescriptions and arranging appointments I don't yet have access to test results. I think this won't be fully rolled out until 2018.

I refused to pay £10 the practice manager demanded for a printout of a 3 or 4 pages of results and arranged to view my records and make my own notes. GP felt it was a waste of admin time and my time and printed off the results so I was able to cancel the viewing.

DJR1 in reply to Clutter

Hi Clutter

Please see page 3 of this document. GP practices are obliged to have the technology to do this and offer it to patients by March 2016 as it is in their GP contract. There is resistance. The date you are referring to is for Full Record Access. You need to know what IT system they use. Emis Access already has the technology built in and it is just the set up screen that needs a few check boxes activated. There are two other widely used systems that also have the capability. I know this as my other half works in the field. I have had a fight but I have the knowledge and in the end presented with the NHS England publication above they could not refuse any longer. Their comments/ excuses were " How did you know about this?" And "well no one else has asked for it"

It may be that GP practice has some cranky old computer system which has not got the technology embedded into it. However GP's were given years of notice that this was to be included in the GP contract by March 2016, so they are breaching that agreement.

You should be able to see which IT system they have if you look at your appointment booking page. Let me know what it is and I can try to find out if they have the ability.

Unfortunately as I have found out there are elements of paternalism surrounding this and if the practice has not advertised online access there will be no demand and they will not be faced with the extra admin to do it. I am currently in discussions with NHS England about the GP choice of how they proceed with record access. My practice did not mention it their website but they do now since my procrastination!

Clutter in reply to DJR1


I'm aware that roll out was supposed to be complete by 2016 but I believe the deadline for all practices to make test results available online was extended to 2018.

DJR1 in reply to Clutter

I will check that out, this maybe if they have not got the technology and need to buy in a new computer system.

If your practice has got let's say Emis Access and they are refusing they are just being awkward as they don't want the work.

You need to know what system they are using. You have the right under the GP contract to see Detailed Coded Information if they have a system that can show it. It is within the legislation and therefore they cannot choose not to show it. Find out what it is. This is the battle I have just had. 😊

It is however the GP's choice as to whether they let you have Full Access to your record as it it not legislated in the contract.

Clutter in reply to DJR1


My practice uses In Practice Systems Patient Services. If I don't have full access by 2018 I will become awkward.

DJR1 in reply to Clutter

I will make enquiries about this one for you. It is very unfair that there is a post code lottery both in the computer system available and GP's not wanting to take part. I find the information available very useful for a long term condition as you can use the graphs to see trends.

I have just seen I can edit posts and attach a photo rather than doing a separate post. I have now added my FT4 to this post. I have a TSH graph but cannot post two photos? I hope the info here will enable people to have a look at their GP systems and gain access if available as I can definitely say it is worth it.

Clutter in reply to DJR1


My thyroid bloods are managed by the hospital endocrinologist so I've not had any GP blood tests since I registered for GP online access a few years ago. Nevertheless when national roll out is complete I will want access to my old GP tests and results.

You can only upload one image in your opening post.

DJR1 in reply to Clutter

Hi Clutter

Very good news I have made enquiries and have been told that all GP systems access results and detailed record access via patient online. It has to be available to patients to comply with legislation. I did find this on Patient Services


March 2016

New Functionality within Patient Services

My Medical Record - You can now, subject to consent, view your coded medical record.

This allows you to

View the diagnoses, advice and treatment recorded by your clinician

Check your test results

Check your immunisation history

Check whether a referral has been made

Spot any errors or mistakes and tell your GP or practice

Access key medical information if something should happen to you away from home or when the surgery is closed

Me again......

You will get access if you want it. You may have to present the NHS leaflet I posted the link to at the top. Misinformation is very common and if the GP receptionists have not been trained up they have no idea as in my case. My info comes from a GP expert on this subject.

Good luck! 😊

Clutter in reply to DJR1

Thanks, DJR1.

I ticked all the access boxes on my registration form. I shall be very irritated if I have to complete yet more forms.

Clutter in reply to Clutter


Can't access my practice. I expect it is something do with the NHS cyber attack :(

DJR1 in reply to Clutter

There is a separate form for this with terms and conditions you have to agree to

Clutter in reply to DJR1


I clearly recall requesting access to my records when I registered and was given access to online prescription ordering and appointments.

I will check with the practice but I suspect they don't have online access themselves at the moment :o

DJR1 in reply to Clutter

No there are massive problems which will not be resolved for a while. All the computers etc will have to download a patch to sort things out. I think GP services will take some time to recover and it may be wise to wait until calm is restored.

Manz123 in reply to Clutter

Hi Clutter, I ticked all the boxes but wasn't able to view test results. I queried it with my GP surgery and they ticked the box that allowed me access. It showed me all results from my local blood testing clinic as well as GP tests. Hopefully you can get yours sorted sooner than 2018.

Clutter in reply to Manz123

Thanks Manz123. When the cyber attack is resolved I'll ask my practice about it.

Hi DJR1,

Thank you for posting.

J 🍀

Thank you for posting, very interesting information.


Thank you for this.

I recently had to change GP practice as have moved areas. At my last practice I got access to test results as standard. But at new surgery they denied access to results service was possible. As they seem generally unhelpful re thyroid, I get my own thyroid tests done and give them my results!

But shall investigate this further. Many thanks

DJR1 in reply to SlowDragon

This is not acceptable SlowDragon

"They MUST give access to patients who request it, it is contractual."

Quote from GP Lead involved in records access.

The NHS England information I posted the link to is invaluable in these situations. Good luck

I'll have to chase mine up then. I filled my form in back in February and was told that although the normal turn around time was 3 weeks, they were quite busy and it could take longer. Until I read your post I hadn't realised how time had flown by lately. 😊

Thanks I'm someone who has been told there is a £10 charge so will look into this

DJR1 in reply to romy55

No online access to your detailed coded online health record is entirely free and GP's have a contractual obligation to allow you access. An application form is required and then the IT manager will organise the access by checking boxes on his system.

This £10 charge comes from Subject Access requests for paper copies of large amounts of computerised records . There is a misuse of these charges if they are being used just to give you a copy of test results.

Hope that helps.


I wish NHS Wales would catch up with England :(

My surgery even took down their website about a year or two ago, mind you it was only ever informative, didn't allow access to anything at all.


Thank you for all that information. I paid £10 for my results, the receptionist was really anti letting me have them.

What is wrong with these people?

When things have settled, I will ask to do things online. I am sure some years ago I did but then it seemed easier by phone, if that's possible.

Best wishes.

The really useful club! Love this nugget.

Many many thanks.


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