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Endo recommendations please

Has anyone had any luck finding an Endo who is sympathetic to our cause in U.K.? I have private medical insurance but they won't approve a Functional Medicine doctor. They say if I can find an approved Endo who is on their list , I will be covered to get my GP to refer me ( that will probably be another uphill struggle!!)

Just as an update, my heart palpitations have improved since I reduced my NDT from 2.25 grains ( all at once at 5am) to 1 grain every 12 hours. Is this usual I wonder?

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After ingesting T3 heart rate usually rises for an hour or two so splitting T3 or NDT dose to even out the T3 peaks can be more comfortable for some people.

Email for a list of member recommended endos.

Has your insurer given you a list of approved endos? If so, you can post the names and ask for feedback via private messages.


Thanks Clutter. I spoke to my insurer's Helpline the other day and I must say, I was surprised at how understanding the chap on the other end of the line was! He more or less just said, find one myself and check that they're on my insurer's Approved list and they'll foot the bill provided GP refers me.


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