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Blood results

Blood results

Hi everyone,

I was on a little while ago with this post

I have since had a full blood screen done from Blue Horizon which I have attached a picture of. I'd be sooooo grateful if someone knowledgeable could have a look. As I mentioned in my last post I thought that the doctor had essentially hidden my free t3 result from me by not stating the number and just saying normal. I can see from this I was right to think that it was probably right at the bottom of the 'normal' range. I swear that they didn't give me the number or range because they knew I wanted to try t3 and the result would suggest it might not be a mad idea.

Anyhoo, I previously had a big blast of vitamin D when it was deficient before then a maintenance dose. I'm assuming that I need the big dose again then maintenance.

I would love your advice as I want to buy t3 online and would appreciate help with how to supplement sensibly. I'm just so tired of being so tired, fat and unlike the me that I've almost forgotten now as it's been so long since I've felt right.

Could anyone advise on the other stuff in the tests as some of it looks low in range to me also. Oh and also I already know I have Hashis but is there any significance in my antibody levels at this point??

Thanks in advance!!!

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Oh and also, I felt 'better' but not well when my tsh was under one but I was told to alternate 100mcg and 125mcg Levo at my last endo appointment because it was suppressed. Now it's gone above 1 again do you think I should go back to 125 everyday?

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Hi Harrison, everything is too low except for your antibodies, unfortunately. Have you tried going gluten free and/or dairy free and taking selenium? Something is triggering those antibodies. Then when you have low thyroid meaning low metabolism, your digestion becomes sluggish and you can't digest nutrients so therefore your B12 and ferritin are too low. These are necessary to use your T4. I had the same trouble with D3, it seemed to go into storage rather than active D3. You may need to try the high dose again. I think adding T3 to your T4 is a good idea but if it's easy to obtain NDT, you could try that. Others will have to send you a private message.

You should definitely try to improve your nutrition level by adding HCL Betaine or Apple Cider Vinegar and digestive enzymes with your meals. In the meantime supplement with methylcobalamin and methylfolate. Also, avoid eating fats and carbs at the same time which seems to change the calories in some way.


Folate Ferritin B12 and Vit D all low. Will be making you feel awful.

B12 should be over 600, under 500 can start to cause neurological damage. Negligent Drs!!! The Japanese supplement their patients at 500...

Vitamin D around 60 no lower

Ferritin could be a bit higher more mid range.

Folate again very low.

Do you eat meat? Lots of greens, try drinking stout too good way to get iron levels up.

Are you gluten,casein(cows milk) and soy free? Very important. Those antibodies show inflammation and I think active attack on your body.

Turmeric, cinnamon and ginger are good for inflammation.

Bone broth and collagen powder are really good to heal the gut, v important. Over 70% of the immune system is in the gut.

I use phi naturals 10/30 probiotic

Now foods instant energy B12

Phi naturals high strength vitamin D

Sorry can't help with iron sups as I don't take.

I take NDT rather than Levo I can let you know where I get it from if you like. If you want to just add T3 Marz I think could help along with others on here.

Can you change your Dr, that one is a fool?!

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Thanks so much for your replies. I'm so relieved that it wasn't all in my head like the Endos kept saying (they discharged me because 'it's not your thyroid'). I actually cried last night because I had been so scared it would all come back In the right place in the ranges.

Can I just confirm that I'm right I thinking that I would probably benefit from some form of t3 or NDT as my free t3 is almost at the bottom of the range?

Also, should I just jump in with that or should I try to sort my vitamin d, b12 etc out and see if that leads to better conversion first?

I'd be most grateful if people could share with me their experiences of t3 and t4/t3 only/NDT. Is there a way of knowing which one might be best or is it trial and error and also how easy are they to get online. Any PMs regarding that would be gratefully received!


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