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What do you do?

Hi everyone.

I'm hypo. And i have many symptoms of it inc the hair loss one. I lose loads. But i have thin hair as it is. Was just wondering what others may do in my situation to maybe give me the look of thicker locks? I love my naturally curly hair (when it goes right).

Whether people have any natural remedies or shop bought products. Just would give anything a try right now

Thank you in advance


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I am sorry I cannot advise but know how many complain of hair loss. Is your thyroid hormone replacements at an optimum level or does your doctor only look at the TSH result?


Only currently on 100mcg. Was dx in late feb. See first endo tomorrow morning.

My thyroid was extremely low. Started out at 3.9 t3 and 100.10 tsh....So very very low and very very high xxx


I had terrible hair loss not long ago and started using vitamins called sugar bear hair.. they helped my hair lots and helped it all grow back in. Could be worth a try


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