Kidney function improved dramatically with T4/T3!!

Hi all

Just to say I had a new EGFR 72 result today for kidney function at the Renal Clinic since starting treatment for Hypothyroidism in Oct 2016, when my. EGFR was only 52. Amazing!! Still not receiving any medication from NHS but made a complaint which is ongoing with Nephrologist and Endo having different opionions. It is scandalous that an Endo could put a person's kidneys at serious risk because of the ludicrous UK guidelines! Thank you to everyone on here. Xx😀

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That's marvellous, I'm very pleased for you. It's not really your endo's fault, it is the Society of Endocrinologists which doesn't approve of thyroid medication in euthyroid patients. Perhaps your nephrologist could write to the Society and the endo about your progress. It's such a damn shame that in this day and age were are being teated according to body part function rather than holistically.

Hi Clutter

Thank you it's very reassuring my kidneys are doing better. But I'm not euthyroid my medication was stopped when the TSH was 4.24 (0.3-6) and T4 12.1 (9-22). Today another Nephrologist advised my Thyroid function tests have been like this since 2011 at times. My local MP is dealing with the matter. Thanks for your good wishes and all the kind advice in the past. Xx

In Eastern medicine the thyroid and the kidneys are on the same meridian - or line of energy I once read 😊

So glad things are on the up for you ....

Hi Marx

Thank you very much ..I think the two Nephrologists I have seen are both certain the kidneys depend on the Thyroid to be functioning well in order to preserve the kidneys... and today's results show that with my new result. Best wishes xx

There are many papers which link thyroid hormones and kidney health. One of the most recent:

Prevalence of hypothyroidism in nondiabetic chronic kidney disease and effect of thyroxine replacement on estimated glomerular filtration rate

Endocrinologists seem entirely unable to grasp the effects of hormones - some seem just to have a view that the hormones themselves are the endpoints, not their impact on everything else.

Hi Helvella

Thank you very much .. would you believe a GP said to me recently "Thyroid function has nothing to do with the kidneys". Had to point out it was a Renal specialist who diagnosed me!! I'm so pleased he did otherwise I'd still be gasping for breath!! Today's consultant was fantastic and so supportive best wishes x

The awful truth is that I find it all too easy to believe you. :-(

This might be of interest to you and your GP.

Thyroid dysfunction and kidney disease

Abstract :

Full paper :

Hi Humanbean

Thank you these articles are brilliant!! they certainly show clearly kidneys and thyroid function very much linked. I now have my full health records hugs xxxx


this is interesting, I posted this evening saying I have a high above range serum Urea level and wondered if this could be connected to hypothyroidism.

I believe Urea is to do with the kidneys.

Many thanks helvella for the links.

Just been to the Doctors, he is going to re do blood test along with other blood tests.

I had kidney cancer whilst of levothyroxine. Operation was successful but I'll be in serious trouble if the other one gets it. Now on NDT and have an annual scan of stomach.

I know (but cannot prove, of course) that the lack of proper medication for loss of my thyroid caused the cancer. The cost of the operation and scans, presumably for many more years to come, makes the blacklisting of NDT look rather stupid.

Hi Panda321

Sorry to hear about your kidney and I hope you are making a good recovery. I had stones but nothing else it's difficult hypo and ckd also, but I'm hoping if I can get thyroid controlled the kidneys will be preserved. Take good care and thank you for your post Jane xxx

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