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Thai Thiroyd reliable sources please

Hi. I am trying to order Thiroyd from Thailand but do not know any reliable source. I have Hashimoto's. My TSH been up and down for last couple of years due to pregnancy and self medicating as i do not feel well on nhs levothyroxine which i came off about a year ago. Was on Thyro Gold but that is too expensive for me now. Have been on LDN (mostly for another condition). My tsh was fine on thyro gold/ldn combo but since running out of ndt my tsh jumped to 100. I am determined to try Thiroyd which is my choice over others ndts after some reasearch. Can someone please PM a reliable source of Thiroyd from Thailand (ordering from Thailand due to its lower price and my skimpy budget). Thank you and much warm to you all.

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It can take 21-28 days for delivery from Thailand. You had better resume taking Levothyroxine until it arrives.

I will close your post so that membes will send you a private message of where to souce Thyroid. It would be against the guidelines to post on the open forum.

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