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Time from consultants - GP - patient?

Just a question, how long does it take for a GP to contact the patient after receiving instructions from endo re request to prescribing of T3? I know my surgery received the letter from the endo a week ago Saturday.

I have spoken to the surgery, last Friday and a helpful receptionist went in search of the letter. After some time she found it, "in a place she wouldnt expect it to be!!" She copied it and passed it on to the prescriber and suggested I ring her tomorrow if I haven't heard anything. Of course I havent.

Just wondered if these things take a few weeks or happen sooner. TIA

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By the way I dont think it was in the bin! ;-)


Hi Shelley,

Your GP's response should be straight away - what CCG are you in - have you check their website to see what their position is on NHS LT3 prescriptions?

Do you know if you have conversion issues T4 to T3?

You could park yourself in a 10 minute appointment asap, go with Endo letter, list of symptoms, BTA guidance and ask the GP to prepare the script there and then!

Best wishes :-)

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This is my endos 2nd attempt to get them to prescribe, the other being in December. I have self medicated, conversion issue, with guidance from endo. He wants them to prescribe and not for me to buy it. My CCG , same as the others but they do recognise an endo recommendation for the time being.

Already have a complaint on the go about the first attempt. Why refer someone to an endo and then ignore his recommendation? Time and money wasting.


If your complaint is through PALS or PET then the GPs just investigate themselves which is a complete to get your MP involved, but it may have to wait until June 9th.

A letter to Prof. Dame Sally Davies,Chief Medical Officer, Ministerial Correspondence and Public enquiries Unit, Dept. of Health, Richmond House, 79 Whitehall, London SW1A 2NS may be a good idea.

Have you had your DIO2 gene tested?

Throughout NHS England the 210 CCGs are differing in their stance on LT3 prescription , so it is useful for you to get their commissioning statement if it exists and ask your GP practice for their current procedure on LT3 prescription.

It may be time to take this to another GP practice? I get through GPs like toothbrushes :-)

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