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Blood work just came in

I've been battling back and forth with a doctor that I have so I'm already aware that I need to be looking for another doctor he will give me a medication without blood work stop me on medication without​ blood work and so forth I have not had my blood work for my thyroid tested in almost 2 years and I am now at 11.5 level and pregnant. I've read a lot and I'm starting to get worried and I cannot get ahold of my doctor's office I got my results online. Can this affect my pregnancy?

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Welcome to the forum, Loveablekimmy.

If it is TSH which is 11.5 you need dose increased by 50mcg at least and should be retested in 4 weeks as you will need dose increasing until TSH is 0.4 - 2.5.


Welcome to our forum and am very sorry you've had difficulties with yor doctor.

If you have a TSH of 11.5 and pregnant he has to prescribe levothyroxine now.

What country are you in.?

I think you will have to report this doctor if he hasn't given you a blood test for two years, neither has he alerted you that your TSH is now 11.5.

Once diagnosed and given levothyroxine they cannot stop prescribing. We need thyroid hormones so that we can function properly and to have healthy pregnancy.


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