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Iodine Test

Hi Guys , another post just reminded me to ask about iodine testing as I'm a bit unsure after googling it as not sure blood test is right way to go and if not, which iodine test would be good to get as there's loads and not sure what is reliable or not?

My Mum's thyroid has just shown it is starting to fail with tsh at 11 and t4 in the lower range. However, I want to rule out other possibilities as my mum's diet has been honestly dire nutritionally for many a decade. She forgets to eat for the whole day and has relied on chocolate and cake in the evening if she's not at my house where I feed her and many GPs forget to think about the possibility that people here can still be severely malnourished and want to rule out iodine deficiency.

I am getting her T3 and antibody tests done to get a clearer picture etc.

Although me and my cousin have hashis, it randomly happens to be the case that both our father's families have these issues and none of my mum's family in her generation have thyroid issues so not convinced it's a genetic issue for her - especially considering her diet lol :-(

Thanks in advance :-)

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It's good you are looking after your Mum. Ask GP to test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as these have to be at an optimum level too as they can cause deficiencies, especially Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D if too low may cause dementia. Extract:

The study showed a strong link between dementia and a vitamin D deficiency, but researchers are not yet ready to say that a vitamin D deficiency causes dementia. Clinical trials and further research are needed to establish whether adequate levels of the vitamin can prevent, treat, or delay Alzheimer's.29 Oct 2015

Link Found between Vitamin D Deficiency and Dementia

The following is re B12 deficiency:

Two common examples are dementia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism).

What's Causing Your Memory Loss? It's Not Necessarily Alzheimer's

A Free T3 test is better than a T3 althought FT4 and FT3 usually go together. See on the attached link:

Others will respond re iodine as I'm not sure about that.


Thanks Shaws, Apologies, I know how it might have come across but there doesn't appear to be any changes in regards to dementia - she's always been like that since a child from what I saw of her old school reports - stated "away with the fairies" lol.

She just gets lost in her thoughts/job and has never looked after herself at all and lived on tea, chocolate, crisps and fags. Her metabolism has always been super slow but nothing showed up in tests, her eyes started looking puffy so I told her to get tested again and it came back hypo this time. I truly believe her body has put her into some form of stasis to protect her from herself as she moves in sloth like slo mo - although she's not aware that everyone moves faster than herself - the only thing she's speedy at is applied mathmatics and computer coding :-/ She still works full time though so nothing too bad - yet!

I've been warning her since I can remember that her body will pack in eventually and she had finally made some changes and started eating more real food etc in the past couple of months but just slightly too late for this I think but that's why I want to rule out iodine deficiency as this is highly likely in her case and might make a difference. She's just quit smoking as well and is really annoyed that this happened shortly after trying to be healthier :-/

Her iron came back better than I was expecting - I truly have no idea how!! I'm getting her tested for the other vits alongside the extra thyroid tests.

Thanks again :-)


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