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Blood results

Hi All

I am being tested for tyriod.

7th March T4 10.6, TSH 8.28

7.4.17 T4 10.4 TSH 7.36.

I am constantly tired, cold hands, nose and feet, struggling to lose weight even though following slimming world, dry skin and brittle hair. Not had sex for over a year although partner has had a hernia but the thought hasn't interested me

The doctors have told me that they will repeat the test in 3 months as they don't want to start me on treatment.

Many thanks

is there anything I can do/take to help me until the doctors decide.

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Why don't they want to start you on treatment? You're hypo. Or was that your first test with high TSH? If so, and it's still high on the second one, I'm sure they will start treating you.

There is nothing that can replace thyroid hormone - except thyroid hormones - but if your body is suffering from low thyroid hormone, you need to treat it well. Get plenty of sleep and rest - give up exercise! Just gentle walking. And feed it well - plenty of protein and good fats. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg. And don't skimp on the salt. You could take some vit C, and some magnesium - and maybe some selenium. But avoid multivits! :)

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Thank you. I was tested about 3 years ago and they said I was borderline then. I went back to the GP as I was losing a lot of hair when I was or brush and it was causing concern. The GP has said to repeat the test in July and see what it is then.

I will look at the Vit c and Magnesium but don't think I can eat more fruit and veg my kitchen looks like a veg shop as it is.

Thanks again


No, I wasn't suggesting you eat more than you can comfortably tolerate, but I had no idea how much you ate, did I. If you already eat lots, then that's fine. :)


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