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Coffee and levothyroxine

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Hello, wondering if anyone out there has trouble when drinking coffee while on synthroid. It seems to make me feel terrible now, used to drink it all day! I also smoke, just can't seem to give it up! Thanks! Cobbyp.

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Are you finding you're sensitive to caffeine? I went through that, had to cut right back even on cups of tea. Are you sure you're on enough thyroid hormone? I was very anxious when undermedicated.

yes, I seem to be very sensitive to it now, still working on getting my levels right, I think I'm in the ballpark, TSH is 1.00. Thanks!

Hi puncturedbicycle! My Tsh is about 1.00 (.40-4.00) do you think I'm undermedicated? Maybe that's causing the anxiety instead of the caffeine? Thanks! cobbyp

Can't really tell w/o full tft results. Do you have t3 and t4 as well? But yes, you could be undermedicated if your tsh is 1 and t3/t4 low, even low in range.

FT4 is 1.2 (0.7- 1.9) FT3 is 2.5(2.2-4.0), feel pretty crappy if my synthroid dose is raised.

Ordinarily I'd say you might just need a higher dose considering your t3 is on the floor and t4 is less than halfway through the range but if you feel worse when levo is raised you may do better on a t3/t4 combo.

Your t3 is barely within range, it is no surprise you're not feeling tiptop.

I use to drink loads of coffee and it always made my brain fog worse. Started reading and learning they with hypothyroid it is best avoided. Been off coffee for maybe 5 months now and brain fog has really reduced. I also avoid soy and a few other foods.

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Thanks Matt!

If you would be so kind, tell me how you managed to get off coffee? I have tried several times but give up due to the "headaches from hell" I have UAT but the main reason I want to give up coffee is I also have OAB and many medications - both prescription and herbal etc. make no difference I have been told by a lot of folks that caffeine is the main no-no. If giving it up also could reduce brain fog would be a BONUS!!!

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Hi Foxglove! I still have a cup now and then, but when I do, even a few sips, I feel horrible! Seems like I can only get away with it if I drink it late in the afternoon. I think headaches are common when you give it up, but they say they go away after awhile. I hate the brain fog too! Good Luck! Cobbyp

foxglove I would suggest drinking something with a low caffeine content to wean yourself off coffee and avoid the awful headaches. I was advised to try green tea, which only has a small amount of caffeine but it might be enough to save you the symptoms.

I once decaffed myself by mistake when I bought decaf tea which came in a box almost identical to the ordinary kind. I couldn't understand why one afternoon I had an excruciating headache unrelieved by painkillers, then was felled like a tree and slept for four hours.

There's no reason to go through that unnecessarily, it's better to be gentle when possible.

Thanks, indeed the gentle approach usually best. problem is my impatience - want things to happen before they happen - if that makes sense! Will try the green tea, have some in hand for a friend who drinks this .

I just stopped drinking it. Saved £40 a week too from not running down to starbucks. I did have headaches but I simply took my pain medication when those would happen.

Think the best way might be to follow your example and just stop - after all lots of pain meds. available!

Yeah I am prescribed 30/500 solpodol so I simply took one of those when the headaches came on. Trust me, I really miss coffee.

Me too!!!! at least I know I will when I get into the right mind set to give up. I don't have any prescribed pain killers but Nurofen plus works fine .. I only like the painkillers with codeine (another addiction)? Maybe it's my nature....excuses, excuses

hi cobbyp, thanks for reply, interesting as I usually have my "regulation" 2 cups first thing in morning, but a few days ago I had (I think) 3 cups P.M. and felt fine, as usual expect got it all wrong ....brain fog to blame ???? have been told headaches WILL go but when? Patience not my middle name - sigh.

Very intriguing user name you have, any meaning or reason? just being nosy!

P.S. trying oregano for OAB at the moment, the essential oil. Haven't a clue how it's meant to work, claimed to be uplifting not the most pleasant of aromas but hey ho worth a try

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cobbyp in reply to foxglove

Hi Foxglove! I'm not much in the patience department either! Cobby is my nickname, when I was a baby my sister couldn't say Colleen, it came out cobby, and 66 years later it still stuck!

I'm not an expert on this but a very clever ex boy-friend of mine said that headaches, when you are trying to give up any food/drink you have become "addicted" to, is a withdrawal symptom and you just have to live through it.

My boy-friend was Tea Total and asked me to give up wine with dinner, he said it just seemed more convenient. I tried but it didn't work - I got headaches. He said that proved I was addicted to alcohol! Well, if I was, it was not a very big addition, one glass with dinner if the meal calls for it (like red wine with spaghetti!), is not exactly being a drunk. I thought that that was all very insulting, so I gave up my boy-friend instead and got no more headaches!

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cobbyp in reply to LAHs

That is a hoot!!!

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foxglove in reply to LAHs

Loved this reply!......Wonder what it is I REALLY need to give up

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