How much fruit should hashis/hypo people eat a day?

So I can't stand vegetable and to get my vegertable intake I have to blend them but I blend them with various fruits and seeds. During the day I also snack on various fruits like pineapple (which addicted to tbh), strawberries, bluberries and watermelon. Am I eating too much and could that aggravate my symptoms/condition?

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the fruits you are eating are mostly the ones highest in sugar and higher on the glycemic index and blending them will make them spike your blood glucose levels even higher. If you are adding veggies though, I suppose this is better than nothing and will reduce the spikes on your blood sugar lol.

Is there no veg you can eat? Have you tried eating things like carrot and sugar snap peas raw? I hate cooked veg, as does my daughter, but we both love them raw and these two are a little sweeter when raw. We even like raw turnip and raw broccoli lol!

What about salad items like cucumber/tomatoes/red peppers - red peppers are lovely and sweet.

Maybe do what I do with my daughter and force yourself to try them at least three times on different occasions. Never fails - always likes them after the third go - well aprt from onions lol

I was so upset when I found out that raw runner beans are definitely to be avoided - I love the smell and flavour of really fresh, raw runners. Far nicer than cooked!

Haha, runner beans are actually the one thing I hate, I think due to being force fed them everyday as a kid as my step dad used to grow them by the dozen. I can eat them a bit cooked. Kind of glad they are to avoided lol

Not heard that about runner beans! Why?

They are poisonous - as are undercooked runners.

1870 is the oldest report I could find:

An account in The Independent:

A discussion:

Wiki on the specific lectin:

Many thanks for that helvella. I hardly eat vegetables but cook them for family! I did comment though only a couple of weeks back that not seen a runner bean for ages!

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