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Iron overload mimics hypothyroidism??

Hi everyone my names Matt and I've been experiencing hypothyroidism symptoms for about 5-6 months now. Had my blood test results and told nothing wrong with thyroid (not seen actual test results on paper) but gp said I have too much iron in blood. I was wondering whether anyone knows whether this can mimic the symptoms of hypothyroidism because I have most if not all of th symptoms.

Fatigue,tired,depression,hard to focus,sore joints, sensitive to cold, always wearing 4-5 layers even if sunny and warm, get cold after eating, dry skin, pale face, yellow to nails, foot pain, pine and needl s hands and feet, purple feet, low libido, cold feet and hands.

Also I feel better when I take a multi vitamin in th morning without food and don't eat for about 3 hours also exercise within that time. If I eat breakfast the symptoms get worse especially depression.

Gp told me to stop taking anything with iron in. I take one and half teaspoon wheatgrass powder,one teaspoon maca and cinnamon in the morning. These contain iron but I didn't think it was that much. Gp said iron should be around 200 something but mines 300 something.

What do you guys think any help? Thanks.

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Ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your thyroid results and ranges. 'Normal' is a broad range and it is useful to see where in range your results are.

Haemochromatosis symptoms and treatment are discussed in

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+1 for Clutter's link for Haemochromatosis as that's what came to mind when I read the OP.

Somebody here says, "Normal is an opinion, not a useful interpretation of blood tests", or something like it. So, again, as per Clutter, it would be helpful for you to obtain a printout of your various test results.

Good Luck Matty662 !

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Hi, thanks for your replies, Sorry im late with mine but i've been busy. I will get my test results in paper next week and maybe post them online. Also i have followed my gp's advice and stopped taking the wheatgrass and maca powder and have actually felt better. I no longer feel as depressed and my feet aren't as numb and tingly and i dont feel so cold. Maybe it was the excess iron intake? Anyways i have to wait a month and get another blood test to check my iron levels again. Will update if anyone is interested lol.


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