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Just wondered

Posted thyroid test test Monday. Only one comment, just wondered if it got missed .

Mainly it was a warning , so I will do it again in case it was missed

Thyroid cancer. TT. Last year. Dropped T3 as an test ?? I just needed to know

So 75 mcg. Levo then 100 mcg on weekend as instructed

TSH. 2.79. Range 0.27-4.2

T4. 12. Range 12-22

I was told NORMAL no action

When I asked for print out and saw the result I was shocked . Should be suppressed !

Underlines the need to make sure of getting print out

I did/do have symptoms .

Just be aware 🙂

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I saw your last post, but didn't realise there was a question. I would have thought that it was pretty obvious that your dose of 75/100 would be totally inadequate for someone with no thyroid, who needs to keep their TSH suppressed.

As for being told 'normal, no action', that's not really surprising, is it. We know they haven't a clue what they're doing.

I could be wrong, but I'd be very surprised if T3 disappeared forever. We thought the Mexican Cytomel had gone, but it came back. If I were you, I would continue buying your own T3 and taking it, because you're going to make yourself pretty ill, otherwise. :(

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There are four replies to your post

You were bound to become under medicated and for TSH to rise if you stopped taking T3 without increasing your Levothyroxine dose. Have you resumed taking T3 or increased your Levothyroxine dose? If you felt better taking T3 with levothyroxine why don't you resume taking it while it is still available on prescription?


Thanks for replying just thought it would illustrate to others how wrong advice on blood test can be.

The dose I said I was on was what I had been instructed to use

I have no idea how much Levo anyone needs without a thyroid .

I obvously still don't. Having sorted vitamin levels and improved folate I wanted to check how I would do on T4 only . I will now up my dose and get blood test and if necessary restart T3

I am sourcing my own T3 which I get in a pickle with and was worried I wouldn't be able to manage in the future as I get older.



You need as much or as little as it takes to suppress your TSH. For some that will be 75-100mcg but for others it will be 200mcg or higher.

I suggest you increase your Levothyroxine dose by 25mcg and retest in 6 weeks to make sure TSH has been suppressed.


In the first few months TSH was suppressed on that dose . This is first time I have seen rise

I wiil do as u say and retest in 6 mnths




No, you need to retest 6 weeks after increasing dose to ensure TSH is suppressed. If not, dose should be increased again and you should retest 6 weeks later to check.


Typo I do know 6weeks😏

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