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Feeling I am back to square one.


Well the title says it all really.

Diagnosed hypo. 6.5 years ago. kept on 50 mcg. levo. for 18 months until Doctor eventually raised it to 75 mcg. got up to to 125 mcg, felt O.K. on this dose, still had a few symptoms but I was coping.

Doctor then reduced to 100mcg. due to very low TSH. Felt worse, but Doctor would not increase but said she would write to endo. for advice. She got back in touch six weeks later to say endo. said it would be O.K. to put me back to 125mcg. levo. I told her I was fed up with it so I had purchased my own NDT and had started taking it and wanted to continue with it and see how I got on.

I had trouble raising the NDT and had to increase and decrease a few times but eventually settled on 1.5 grains W.P. Thyroid, but I cannot increase further as get palps. and high B.P. Felt O.K. on this dose for a couple of months then hypo. symptoms started creeping back in since beginning of this year.

Blood results 10th Jan 2017

TSH 3.2 range 0.35 - 4.7

T4 6.8 range 7.8 - 21.0

T3 5.1 range 3.8 - 6.0

Doctor agreed to re test due to TSH level

2nd Feb 2017

TSH 1.5

T4 6.5

T3 5.2 All same ranges.

Last dose of NDT taken 17 hours before blood test, and I fasted.

Vit D 70.1 range 50 - 75 States maybe sub optimal as it is seasonal.

B12 627 range 115 - 1000

Folate 12.3 <3

Ferritin 84 no range given, it use to be 15 - 300, but it states 20 - 100 cannot exclude iron deficiency with coexisting chronic or inflammatory conditions.

Electrolytes all in range but Urea ABOVE range at 8.4 range 3.0 - 7.60

Doctor then ordered urine test which was O.K.

I have been suffering from a virus for over two months now, cannot shake it off and the last two weeks it has either got worse or I have got another one on top of it.

I feel really run down and feel as if I an indeed back to square one with my hypo. symptoms.

Feeling really fatigue, irritable, anxious, depressed, bursting in to tears, cramps and fluttering in calf muscles, feeling nauseous and indigestion, carpel tunnel, numbness in hands on waking, insomnia, joint and muscle pains, and since the virus tinnitus which I have not had before.

Now I know a lot of the symptoms can be from the virus but I am starting to think it is my thyroid which could be responsible, and it could be the reason I cannot fight the virus off.

I have made an appt. for next Wednesday to see the Doctor to ask for my levels to be checked again, whether she will do it I don't know.

I take Vit C, Vit D, B12 and B Complex and use magnesium oil spray.

I have just started Chelated iron 27mg. to bring my ferritin up.

I am really not sure what to do about my NDT, do I try a small increase again, but when I did this before I got the pals. and high B.P. four days later,

do I add in T4 and reduce NDT,

do I go back to levo. or possibly levo. plus T3

or try T3 only. I am feeling pretty desperate today and keep bursting in to tears

I am due to go abroad for a holiday in three weeks time but the way I am feeling I do not think I will be well enough to go.

Please could anyone offer me any advice.

Thank you.

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Rather than a radical change, and with holiday approaching, why not try adding a small amount of Levo to bring t4 up a little? We all need different combinations of meds and different levels, so it is a bit of trial and error I'm afraid, but bringing your t4 up a bit might make all the difference. I know the woman who wrote the 'tired thyroid' book and website combines ndt and t4. Good luck.


Many thanks for replying,

I have seen the tired thyroid website,

have you tried this combination?


Not tried that particular combo. I am on 75mcg Levo and 10 mcg liothyronine on NHS, so leaning more towards t4 supplementation than t3. Ndt has a much higher proportion of t3 and I just thought that as you were under range t4 you might benefit from a boost. When my t4 was under range I was freezing and my joints hurt. But as I said, unfortunately everyone is a little different so you have to trial it.


Thank you,

I do think the ratio in NDT does not suit everyone, like you say we are all different.

How are you feeling with T4/T3?

Best wishes.


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