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is fatigue coming from thyroid problems or from something else?

i have been suffering from fatigue issues for the last three years.i was diagnosed with hyper and huge nodules.i had tt and i currently take 100 levo.i have checked my iron which is 80 (50-120 for women).i had also magnesium and calcium checked and there were between the ranges.(calcium was a little bit over)

i thought that fatigue (and feel like fainting/unbalanced) was caused by hyperthyroidism.When i was hyper i also suffered several panic attacks(one was a very serious).From that moment i cannot take off my mind the fear of fainting

But now its happening again.if i stand up a long time or get stressed a little bit or bring it to my mind i feel like i m going to faint.i feel my leg muscles weak and i have this feeling on my head like it cause i m stressed? (my life is really stressful due to economic problems)or maybe something more serious..its scary and its taking away my life.the edno said there is no association with thyroid i should go to another specialist.

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A month ago you were undermedicated with TSH 2.94 and I doubt increasing Levothyroxine to 100mcg x 7 days will have made much difference. I think it would help know what your FT3 level is. If your FT3 is low you will feel very fatigued, weak and faint. My FT3 was below range on 100mcg Levothyroxine although TSH was suppressed.


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