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No diagnosis

For nearly 3 years I have felt very unwell.main symptoms are of extreme tiredness, aching limbs, indigestion and a low temp. It never goes above 36 and is usually down to 35 or even 34degrees. I have palpitations most of the time. Heart checks OK.

My T4 has been checked and told normal result 12 ( range 11-25) TSH etc apparently normal. Thyroid scan showed enlarged thyroid. No tissue sample taken although my father had thyroid cancer.

My calcium is raised and PTH so thought maybe parathyroid disease but Sestamibi scan came back negative.

Feeling lousy. What do you think?


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What is your TSH?

Did the ultrasound scan show you have thyroid nodules? FNA biopsies are usually only required if the nodules show suspicious characteristics.

Ask for advice about your calcium, PTH and Sestamibi results on


Whats your blood pressure like?


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