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My results from week ago

TSH. 2.79. Range 0.27- 4.2

T4. 12. Range 12 - 22

I decided to go it on T4 only as I was afraid of not obtaining T3 in the future . It was to see how I might feel.

Anyway, I had TT. Thyca stage 5, year ago.

I dropped T3 and dosed as advised by doc .

T4. 75 mcg and 100mcg on the weekend. It was done like that because it made it easy to remember and give an appropriate amount. The aim being to keep TSH suppressed.

Anyway when getting result from surgery the receptionist told me normal, no action!!!!!

I got the print out and see above 😳😳

I have been on the above amount for 3 and half weeks

Symptoms wise Constipation returned big time, and I had to use sennacot every day to go.

Carpal tunnel returned

Sleep pattern much worse

Feeling very cold


Grumpy 😖

Skin drier

Eye sight seems affected with fuzzy ness

Cramps returned

Numbness in legs and feet

Low morning temp 35.8 had go it to 36.4

Also the first reading had been consistent before lowering does

And the second reading is also consistent for last week or so.

All above had got somewhat better prior to this, I will say somewhat , but a definite improvement . Oh I forgot, worst of all weight gain of 6 lbs all around middle, never ever had this been the case for me , in that short time. OMG Where would that end, and doesn't it just show clearly what happens


I hope this illustrates what is known by us thyroid guys and helps someone fight their corner.

I would be grateful for any comments by you clever ones.

I will up my dose and get it tested again in 6 weeks, I thought I was through going to the blooming docs 😟😟

Thanks for listening

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Sorry to here this gcart.

Im still getting my t3 online . I just got my password sorted tonight. Why did u stop t3 with thyroxine was it not helping????


Yes it was, I was just afraid of not getting it in the future and thought I would trial a T 4 only exercise !?!?

I have T3 here but have you read the problems arising n Greece . They are asking for prescriptions before supplying . According for Marz , who posts, they are running out of stocks

I will up T 4 tonight

How are you Kate. Xxxx


Sorry. Sweet pea 33


I email you

Yes im getting there slowly. Gone back to not sleeping so well at night.

Waiting for dr to ring me as I like to have my iron levels checked as feeling more tired tha normal


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