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Armour Thyroid - change over from Thyroxin

Hello all! I have recently been given Armour Thyroid as I don't seem to be feeling any better on Thyroxin. I was taking 75mg one day then 100mg the next. My GP had said that I should try 100mg every day but I was a bit reluctant as I had tried this before and had headaches. I began to think it was just that they Thyroxin wasn't working for me so I saw an Endocrinologist who offered me Armour. Over the past few weeks I have worked my way up from 60mg to 105mg (1 3/4 grains). I still feel very sluggish, get puffy eyes occasionally, experience tiredness and lack motivation and get brain fog. I just feel totally underpowered. In fact, I certainly don't feel any better on Armour than I did Thyroxin. I have been on Armour for approximately 2 months now. Any comments would be very gratefully read. Thankyou all. :)

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I think that you just weren't taking enough thyroxin, if you're still no better on 105 mg Armour. Nothing is going to work for you if you don't take enough of it.

But, then again, nothing is going to work for you if you have nutritional deficiencies - especially not Armour. Have you had your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested?


Hello Greygoose, thank you again. I haven't had my VitD checked. I am on VitB12 injections every 12 weeks. My Folate and Ferritin were checked about 4 years ago and the endo that I was seeing at the time wasn't perturbed. I have given my new endo all previous blood test results, even those which are not current. At the moment he hasn't asked me to have any additional blood tests. My goal is to feel well (if I can) and if I don't then I shall be asking for Folate and Ferritin, also Cortisol and my Adrenals to be checked. As I mentioned, they have all been checked in the past but didn't raise any alarms. Thank you very much Greygoose.


A lot can change in 4 years! I think you need them done now.

And, don't rely on your endo for his opinion. Doctors know nothing about nutrition, and as long as it's anywhere in the range, he will say it's fine. But, unless it's at least mid-range, it's not fine at all.

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