hair regrowth AGAIN!

has anyone heard of/used or had ANY success ( I think I am succeptable to the derivative of testosterone even tho mine is low) with ANY of these, it is really really getting me down, I cant even find a wig to suit or fir properly and they are bloody uncomfortable:

SPIRONOLACTONE, endo gave me this last year but I was reluctant to take it but now thinking I will.


OBVIOUSLY I NEED SOMETHING to boot out the damaging affect of testosterone, iam assuming it is that because why would I have thinning miniturising hair strands. altho the strangest thins is--- it went overnight! since I got really really ill in 2010- 2012 iwas bald and 2015, and now its sooooooooooo thin like strands of gossamer lace! fed up!

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Stupid question, perhaps, but have you tried Evening Primrose oil, and Borage oil? That is what is supposed to counteract the testosterone derivative.

well thankyou gg, I forgot about the borage oil- you are a STAR! I havenoticed mymemory is awful since shitty lyme!

Yes, I expect it would be. :)

Just out of curiosity but have you had a blood test recently to see where you thyroid levels are? And what thyroid meds do you take? Also have you tested for the usual, ferritin, etc? Is your cortisol high or low?

I have read your posts and I'm in the same boat as yourself and trying to get to the bottom of my continuing hair loss.

My recent blood test shows my iron levels have dropped but my ferritin is high. It's a constant fight to get well.

misha my thyroid is ok altho I amback on levo crap I have to get roundt o orderingsome more armour but something attacked my system in2010 iwas sooooooooooooooo ill andaged awful and went bald practicaly overnight I have b12 evry 3 months and I take ferrous fumerate so ithas to be lyme or hormonesi know I don't absorb vit d from a gene test

Hi bluepettals, Recently I posted something about enzymes. The proteolytic ones which work in the bloodstream. For one thing they attack excess mucous and proteins as a result of autoimmune conditions. I think the infections from lyme disease may be vulnerable to these enzymes along with a careful diet. I'm still doing research but there seem to be no side effects except possible blood thinning which counteracts "sticky blood" which is fairly common. There is a lot of information on you tube and Dr. Bergman has a video about them.

Heloise , thanks do itake them iam being lazy but will read up later can you explain? thanku

We have known about Wobenzyme and nattokinase but I found out about Serrapeptase because it dissolves scar tissue and as I learned more I found out about the mucous and fibrosis. It looks like it may all begin as inflammation (which I also think is about hair loss). As the body responds to the inflammation chronically it turns into fibrosis.

I follow Jon Barron and he has his own formula which includes some I've mentioned. William Wong has just branded his own as well and has interesting videos. This treatment can involved a lot more than the two capsules mentioned on the bottle. I have evidence that it works depending on the individual and the dose but I haven't ventured that far yet. I do feel it's worth looking into and your own doctor won't know anything about it and probably advise against it.

I don't bother to consult gp- just been readingabout natokinase of healthy monthly I maygetsome, I will look up willy wong as well.

Wm. Wong DOES discuss hair loss in men come to think of it. He has some radio show interviews but also some videos on his own.

A long time ago Pettals there was a post regarding sea food and hair growth, especially cockles, anything is worth a try.

thanks joyia...

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