Buying liothyronine

hi can anyone pm me please and point me in the direction of buying some liothyronine thanks.


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  • Welcome to the forum, Nadie.

    Before sharing sources most members will want to know a little background. How long have you been taking Levothyroxine, what dose do you take and do you have recent thyroid results and ranges you can share?

  • Hi i've had an underachieve thyroid for 18 years and been on elitroxinall that time and have been recently diagnosed with hasimotos my goiter go's inwards rather than out. i'm currently on 150mg/125mg every second day, I was on 250mg/200mg. i'm not aware of my results i usually don't ask but i can find out. I also have MS pituitary adenoma various other stuff

  • Nadie,

    You should ask for your results and ranges after every blood test. Post them in a new question and members will advise whether you are optimally medicated or whether the addition of Liothyronine would be beneficial.

    Is your goitre monitored to check it is not growing downwards or impacting other organs?

    There is no cure for Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Treatment is for the low thyroid levels it causes. Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies.

  • I'l ask but when you have multiple illnesses and a small amount of time with the consultant my levels are constantly up and down i get my bloods done once month, I had a ultrasound and mri 2 months ago all they said was it was enlarged and my antibodies are high I know there is no cure I am aware but no harm trying alternate medications my friend is a pharmacist and mentioned to me this morning

  • Nadie,

    The Data Protection Act entitles patients to their test results. You only need results for TSH, FT4 and FT3 or if you want all your results ask for a printout of the results and ranges. Unless you know what your thyroid results are how will you know how much Liothyronine to take or whether to reduce Levothyroxine when you take it.

  • I'm sorry i even picked this forum to ask my question, I wanted to find a reputable source then i can call my gp and go from there.

  • nadie, you will not find more help anywhere than you will get from this forum. Not just help but support too. I dont think it would be very sensible or good for you if you just started using Liothyronine without checking your previous bloods.

  • Nadie. Shelley is right; this forum has probably saved lives. However, anyone coming to this place looking for T3 is going to be asked about their history. For two main reasons. One: With a person's history and test results, folk here can offer advice. Without it, they cannot. Second: There are people - bodybuilders, mainly, who use T3 in a dangerous way and are always on the lookout for routes to supply - thus taking large quantities of precious, life-saving medicine from those who need it most. In conclusion I would add that you seem to be indicating that once you have the necassary information you will be contacting your GP. I may be wrong - but if you fess up to self-medicating you will as like as not get a flea in your ear. Please don't take umbrage, this is the place to be if you have any thyroid-related problems. I should know...

  • i can understand where you are coming from i just think clutters tone put me off , i put a call into my gp for my results I obviously have been told the many times but it's not something i concentrate on as my MS is my main concern and in any consult with my gp or consultants its the first subject to come up it think it would be different if i only have hasimotos one thing to think about. i understand bodybuilders abuse t3 they must be f****d health wise i can just about walk let alone do weights. so are people on here not self medicating on the guidance of others based on bloods?

  • Nadie. It seems to me that Clutter's tone was entirely reasonable. She, as ever, was just trying to help. People get guidance here on all aspects of their treatment, whether it be prescribed by a GP or obtained through contacts. However, no one will offer advice without first seeing test results. I sincerely wish you well with your MS and hope that you can find the help you need. Best S.

  • ok so my TSH is 3.609 and my free T4 is 13.1 that was on 30/03/2017

    TSH 3.304 15/12/2017

    there doesn't seem to be a T3 on this I think it's an extra option i'm in ireland maybe procedures are different.

    I have been private messaged on here about it but i think i'm gonna get mt t3's done and get my friend order it in her work.

    I apologise if i offended clutter I noticed she hasn't posted or today.

  • Hi Nadie. It's difficult to comment... Sadly, we also need the lab ranges for your results. However, if the ranges are conventional, it might be possible to suggest that your TSH is a little high. It might be in range, but most of us need to be at 1.00 or below to feel at our best. No, no T3, and to be frank, T3 is the most important of them all. It is the active hormone that every cell in our bodies need. So, yes, if you can get a T3 test, we/you should then have a good idea of how you're doing and how to proceed. You may have to insist on the test for T3 - it may be loin-girding time ;-) I'm sure Clutter is off doing something else - her shoulders are broad :-)

    In addition... You should try and get tests for the nutrients most crucial in matters thyroid:

    Vit B12

    Vit D



    Take care. S.

  • it will be no problem to get the T3 done my GP is ok with stuff like that. i take 10,000iu vitamin D for me MS. I have never had and folate or ferritin issues just B12 last test was 332 which is on the low side of normal. i find it hard to get my TSH down that's why I was referred to hospital.


  • Hi Nadie. Yes, getting TSH down will only come when optimally medicated. And for that, Free T3 is the real marker. Do post all your results and the ranges when you have them. I'm sure we will then be able to give you a good idea of how to proceed :-)

  • thanks

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