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Do my results show Graves Disease relapse?


So I have just received my results from my Endo, he has happy with my results and I go back in 3 months for a review. I have been suffering bad palpitations, although they have calmed down over the past 2 weeks.

Looking at my latest results, am I relapsing? My TSH was 0.7 in January and then 0.5 in March. I have been off my anti-thyroid meds since December.

FT4 - 17

FT3 - 5.3

TSH - 0.44

Thanks :)

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Hi Rubardandcustard really need to see the ranges from your bloodtest to be able to advise you if your overactive, if you have them could you post them for us.

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If you are not taking any form of thyroid hormone or anti-thyroid medication, then your decreasing TSH could be a sign that your Graves' is still active. Graves' antibodies are to the TSH Receptor, so a low TSH is the most prominent sign. It can be close to zero even AFTER a thyroidectomy or RAI if the antibodies are still high. This is a page about Graves' tiredthyroid.com/graves.html and why you should measure the antibodies before discontinuing your anti-thyroid meds.

Note that TSH fluctuates in normal people too, so I'd put more weight into symptoms.

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Thank you for this link. I am seeing my endo for the first time on 28th April, diagnosed Hyper on 24th Feb. It has been a massive learning curve, but this information on antibodies is the most useful I have seen. I now realise the two tests I have had won't be as useful to the endo as I thought. TPO level of 1300(!), but not tested for TSI. My GP needs to brush up on her thyroid knowledge!

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