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Consultant refferal

Hello everyone, Its been a while (apart from my shock consultant referral post)

Anyway having had a 4 litre blood loss following gall bladder removal and almost dying in February I am trying to get my health back on track.

While I was in hospital (9 days) I was unable to take the Tiromel/thiroid combination that has kept me well for the past couple of years (thanks to you guys).

During my last lot of blood tests - including B12, Vit D, TSH, I received a letter to speak to my GP as there was an "abnormal component in my thyroid test". Whilst waiting for my appointment with the GP, I received a Consultant appointment out of the blue - hence my last post.

Anyway yesterday I had my G.P appointment and she said she had referred me as my TSH was suppressed and that I also had very low T3 and T4 (I was unaware that my T3 and T4 were tested and forgot to ask for the numbers - argghhh). I will be calling G.P tomorrow to request results in more detail but wanted to quickly ask if anyone had any opinions as to whether you think this "blip" may be due to my recent medical issues or whether it may not be a blip at all.....

I have been having some hypo symptoms but put it down to having been so unwell.... :(

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Major trauma can cause 'Non-thyroidal illness' (NTI) which used to be called euthyroid sick syndrome. It can also lead to 'low T3 syndrome'. I'm not sure it lasts this long though.


aw thanks Jim, /I will do some googling...


Jim, Do you think hypothetically that the NTI could have caused reverse T3? I wasn't checked for that.


If ... If I remember correctly NTI does present with higher rT3 levels. However, your low fT3 and fT4 should be enough to be going on with!


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