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Timing of T3 doses in combination with T4?

I have started taking 10 mg T3 split into two doses, in addition to levo (50/75 on alternative days). The endo suggested I take the T3 12 hours apart, morning and evening. But I notice some people take the second dose in the afternoon, and some late morning. Someone else suggested taking it last thing at night. What is the reason for different timing of second dose? I do feel conscious of my heartbeat at night in bed and wondered if I was taking the second dose too late. Or perhaps I just need to get used to it again.


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Some people find they sleep better when T3 is taken at night but others find it keeps them awake. Experiment taking the second dose 6-15 hours after the first to see what best suits you.


Coachv It's really a case of trying different times and see what suits you best.

I was splitting my dose into two but found timing a pain regarding food/supplements for the second dose. I tried taking it all in one go first thing in the morning and felt no difference so that's what I still do.

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