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Not sure how to read Thyroid test results? Are they ok or not?!

Ive had several blood test over the past few months because I haven't been feeling well, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2009 and have been taking Levo thyroxine, it is very rare that I feel good though. I have all the symptoms that I am Hypo at the moment but my doctor has said my latest blood results this morning are ok, I don't really understand how to read them if I am honest because I get so many conflicting reports. Is there anyone who can tell me if they are ok or not? Many Thanks :)

TSH - 0.9

T3 - 3.9

T4 - 16

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Have you got the ranges for those results? Usually in brackets after. example t3 3.9 (3.8 - 6.8)

:) Linda


Hi Trixximinx, you need to edit your post and include the ranges, these are the numbers in brackets eg

TSH 0.9 (0.2-4.2)

Different labs use different ranges so they are essential if members are to give good advice. If you dont already have them ask your surgery.

GPs have a nasty habit of saying everything is OK or normal just because you are somewhere in the ranges. Many people find they only feel well when T3and T4 are towards the upper end of the range not the bottom.



As the others have said you need to get the reference ranges after the results, however, i suspect that your doctor has said they are all okay as they fall within the normal reference range, however if your FT3 result is at the bottom of the range like mine is you will have hypothyroid symptoms and will probably feel better if you have you dose increased. im duplicating really what the others have said but they have said it better than me! lol!! I think what i am trying to say is you dont want your results to be normal...you want them to be optimal in order to feel well.


Thanks for the replies, I don't know the ranges but I am seeing the doctor on Tuesday when I will get blood results for Vit D, Calcium and Parathyroid (??). She told me that my T3 of 3.9 was at the lower end of normal, My TSH of 0.9 was low-ish and that my T4 of 16 was bang in the middle?! I know the thyroid is a complex beast, Im just desperate like many others to try and sort it out and am sick of being told its all ok and yet I feel dreadful.


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