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Armour / NDT information & Sources

Please can someone PM me about Armour / NDT information & Sources? I live in London UK.

I had a TT because of Thyroid cancer in 2006 or 2008? For the first year of treatment I was on T3 Only & had no problems. Got the all clear swapped to T4. Day 1, Dose 1 I felt like I had taken poison. Numerous other side effects - too many to list. Long story short. It took me 8 months to get back onto T3 Only again because I had to change consultants. I still feel like The Walking Brain Dead. My metabolism has never worked normally once since I was poisoned by T4. I've lost all the quality in my life & my sparkle. I regret having my thyroid removed because I ended up on T4 which poisoned me & wrecked my health. I feel The Real Me died on T4. I feel I don't live anymore I just exist.

A very kind person on here has pointed me towards Armour / NDT & they have given me hope that I could feel brighter again. I want to try a combination of T3 & Armour / NDT. With me being so brain dead I never thought about trying it before.Please can someone PM me about Armour / NDT information & Sources?

With Thanks

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I had a similar bad experience when I was switched from T3 to T4 only but I do well on T4+T3.

Members will PM you with recommendations where to source so I am closing this thread to replies.

To send Lily905 a private message: support.healthunlocked.com/...

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