Very Confused


I've posted before and had brilliant advise been doing GF and had some follow up bloods done as GP promised 6 months on now he has called me in due to results I decline carbimazole and beta blockers but now my results are

Plasma TSH 0.01 (0.30_4.20)

Plasma free T4 20.07 (9.00-19.00

TSH receptor antibody 1.3 (<.0.40)

Peroxide antibodies 357 (<60)

Unsure what he's going to suggest but any suggestions gratefully appreciated as at the moment I'm extremely stressed due to a family situation and feeling quite tired with it and work!

Best wishes

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I am sorry I cannot advise and those who have been or are hyperthyroid will respond. He hasn't taken the Free T3 and that's important and I'll give you a link and you will see the reason why we should know the FT3 as well as the FT4.

Did you have the blood test at the earliest, fasting and allow a gap of 24 hours between your last dose and the test.

Hi shawls

Thanks for reply and the link. Yes early fasting and not on any meds just supplements after testing

Unsure what Dr going to suggest he knows I probably won't like his suggestions as I haven't conformed so far!! I'm not feeling to bad at mow which is nice I just don't want to feel worse

Best wishes

Hi Dexford, from your bloodtest results looks like you've gone hyper active as t4 over range and tsh suppressed. From reading your earlier posts I see you have hasimotos and this could be causing this but have you been tested for antibodies for graves desease as you can have both at the same time, ask gp if you could be tested for this if you not had it done before.

Thanks yes I will ask not sure if I have or not

If it's a Hashi's hyper swing - and you don't know that it is because he hasn't tested the FT3 - and you feel ok, then don't do anything. It's only temporary, and will resolve on its own. In any case, refuse to do anything until you have an FT3 result. TSH and FT4 don't give you the full story.

Thanks as always for good advice I will ask for more tests

You're welcome. :)


TSH Receptor antibodies are positive for Graves which is autoimmune hyperthyroidism. Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are also positive so you have Graves and Hashimoto's in tandem although you are currently hyperthyroid.

You TSH is suppressed and FT4 over range which indicates hyperthyroidism and you will benefit from Carbimazole to regulate your thyroid levels. Most people will be able to wean off Carbimazole in 12-18 months but remission is permanent in less than 50% of patients with Graves disease.

Hyperthyroidism is usually managed in endocrinology.

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