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Hi all,

There's a petition for Jeremy Hunt Secretary of Health on change.org that we should all sign if we are to get the health care that we actually deserve, personally I am fed up to the back teeth of having my appointments changed and seeing 'randoms ' as I like to call the endocrinologists who aren't actually my endocrinologist. It's about T3 being taken from those who require it to have a standard of living that other people take for granted but are penalised because the government have been too weak to tell the pharmaceutical companies that they are 'extracting urine without the need to use facilities' as I like to call it. If someone in the government had done something to stop the license for T3 being repeatedly sold then we wouldn't be in a position to have to pay Β£516 for a lil ole box of 28 tablets. I don't need T3 right now but who knows if that will change in the future since I'm having to increase my T4 to get things done on a daily basis.

I have signed but it's only got 1128 signatures, I read somewhere that there's about 56,000 people on this forum alone so we should be able to help raise the required amount of signatures to push this through!

Time to speak up and tell em they are wrong on so many levels people and that they are letting us down on every single day that a single pill costs Β£18.43!!

Sermon over and click here...


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It's all very well your saying that we should all sign. I found that change.org inundated me with really cr*p entreaties for all sorts of questionable nonsense after I signed another thyroidie petition. It is for this reason that I closed my account - so I can't sign back in to sign this particular petition. I choose not to engage with social media; my choice and I assure you, the choice of many more on this forum. Until it is possible to start a petition for something without a shoal of requests to save Peruvian dingbats and support men who are being persecuted for wearing beanie hats, I will stay clear. Sorry.

Many members hail from distant shores. Many are knowledgeable in being able to pinpoint a similar pig headedness in their country's medical profession. It's always interesting to know that this is a worldwide problem and yet - this is Thyroid UK, ultimately, although I appreciate that we are richer for the contributions of others from other parts of the world.

What we should all do is expect some leadership from TUK and a coherent strategy - not for a new website or another conference but to help the many thousands of UK members and many more who are not, who are shortly to have their solitary means of living any kind of life (T3) removed due to Whitehall incompetence and the medical profession's inability to admit that levo does not suit all.

Do you know Rapunzel I'd hate to get on the wrong side of you lol πŸ˜‚ I'm sure LITai meant well but totally agree with you. And while on the subject ( perhaps should pm this ? New here n stuff, are sod it ! ) why have no admin got involved with the 'grassroots petition anyone ?' I understand if you don't want to get involved but what would you suggest we can do. I feel so robbed I'm very motivated to do anything !

Sure its all been bantered about before. But with the Greek supply looking like its drying up - before I start even taking the blooming things ( I have got some ) ! I just feel I don't want my one chance to feel better to be ripped out of my hand before I even get chance to get established on them.

Kitti1 dear fellow sufferer

Have I come over snarky again ? :( It's only Monday, I'm really suffering with a new phone (another first world problem I should just get over myself, I know )

...so LiTai I mean no offence, dear fellow sufferer. In fact just writing that makes me giggle I'm thinking of the Ch4 series written by Paul Abbott but I digress. I do wish you well but one thing I'll just give a heads up about. I'm retired, pretty much and not wholly by choice but by my condition. I have denuded my online presence of every faux professional lynkediyn, Institute of bleugh, professional association of pfft, facecomic b*ll*cks nonsense I ever felt necessary, to keep up with the freaking kids. And I will not have some ultimately self serving .org using my information to send me tush. And many of our members are my age or older ( I'll have a saucer of cream with that, thanks :D ) and likely to have similar views. Sorry again.

We have to find a way to rally us all. Help Kitti1 to find it. xx ;)

Cream is bad for your kidneys puss Think I've got some tinned salmon at the back of the cupboard if you play nice πŸ˜‰

Thank you, your amazing n got a tear ( or two ) in my eye. What i wouldn't give to have a friend like you 😊

Interestingly I didn't take offence.. I have no thyroid at all so I have my fair share of snark thanks (oh and it's Miss Bitch to you my dearπŸ˜€) My point is, whilst I agree that it is a ginormous pain in the rear being sent cr*p by social media systems unfortunately that is the way the world is turning you could stand on a street corner, weep, wail and beat your hands on your chest crying 'woe is me' or you can choose to do what I decided to do the day they told me I had cancer. I decided to go Zen.. with my own twist 'in through the mouth.. out through the fist' which means no, I will not go quietly to the night and sit and hope. I will tell people when I think they should join together and see what we can do so okay you don't want to sign the petition at change.org but what do you want to do?

Family and friends buy me hares of every ornamental type for presents. I have everything else :)

I like to cry at the moon is why.

So let me see...written to my MP, NHSCC, competition authority re Concordia, 3x health secretaries, signed a govt. petition, fill the forum with snark and contribute as best I can. There's more than one way to jug a hare.

The challenge is to be myself when the world rewards conformity. Trust me, I'm not sitting on my hands weeping LiTai, but feel that I may as well be. :(

Nonetheless, social media can go and disappear up its own @rse. Forgive me ?

Being yourself IS the only way to be. That's why my standard response when a doctor asks me how I am is 'Not dead yet!' I find it puts them quite nicely on the back foot, sorry just wiping a touch of evil off my face there πŸ˜€ I too am bored sh*tless at being at the whim of the NHS et al especially since for the most part the people I have to see now don't seem to have a scooby about the effects of thyroxine deprivation on the body. Stay strong lovely Rapunzel we will work this out eventually and hopefully in our lifetimes, now I'm off to do some therapeutic colouring in πŸ‘πŸΎ

Applause, Applause, Applause 🀣

Applause, Applause, Applause 🌺

Please see 'grassroots petition anyone ?' And please get involved πŸ‘


Thank you LiTai, for raising awareness of our petition. The petition is just one of the things we are doing to raise awareness of the poor care Thyroid patients get. I am sure if we all band together and raise this issue in whatever way we can we will get the result we are aiming for. XX Moyra

No worries, it bites my butt when it is blatantly clear that if we actually band together like, well a bunch of bandits really, that there's an off chance that one of the stones we throw will hit and stick, they might not listen to solo voice but 56000 might just get someone's attention and if we can MAKE them listen to us even if we have to use social media to do it then I say the hell with it let's get busy prodding buttocks and taking names! πŸ‘πŸΎ

Hi LiTai, yes that's what we feel about the situation. Our local MP is working very hard on behalf of Thyroid patients , but with the elections looming our Champaign has been put on hold .Once the elections are over we will be taking up the fight again.. Until then we are trying to get as many people to sign our petition as we can

Signed and shared. Ages ago, actually, but I shared it again - on Facebook. :)

I expect I'm older than you, Rapunzel, dear, but I do know how to delete an email if I don't want to sign a petition. However, I do believe there are many things worth fighting for - like not torturing dogs to death in certain Eastern countries. And, there's not much I can do about it - except sign a petition, and write the odd letter of complaint and give the odd donation... Seems the least I can do. So, I do it. :)

I can't see where to actually sign it. All I can see is how to promote it etc.

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