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Where can I source T3 from?

Hello, recently I've been to see a private endocrinologist who recommended to my GP I start on 20mcg of T3 liothyronine. So the GP has come back and said there are funding issues and I can't have any prescribed.

My endocrinologist didn't write me a prescription as I wouldn't be able to afford private prescriptions.

So I'm hoping to start self medicating. Can anyone help me with a safe website I can order T3 at that dose on?

Thanks in advance

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If the Endocrinologist thought you need T3, I don't think your GP can refuse. The endo has decided you have a clinical need.

Maybe you can give your GP a copy of this document which has been issued and I'll give you a link below plus excerpt. We shouldn't have to pay for our important thyroid hormone replacement:

In the FAQ’s for GP’s they state, “Whilst we appreciate the commercial imperative to cut prescription costs, like you, our first concern is that in all cases the clinical needs of the patient should come before financial considerations.”



T3 available without prescription is 25mcg. If you buy a pillcutter from your high street pharmacy you should be able to quarter the tablets and take 3/4 of a tablet (18.75mcg) which is the nearest you will get to 20mcg.

Members will send you links via private messages.


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