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Normal Results

Hi. I've been suffering with a few health issues for a couple of years now. It was suggested it could be thyroid problems and on looking at Hypothyroid symptoms it was startling the similarities. Had test and TSH is normal at 0.69 on a range of 0.5 -4.5. So my doctor says no other test will be conducted as if TSH is ok then everything else will be. What should my next course of action be as the symptoms are becoming debilitating. Thank you in advance for response.

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Get private tests done. Your doctor is talking a load of tosh.

The TSH test will only pick up primary hypo, but you could have centra hypo, which is a problem with either the pituitary or the hypothalamus, rather than the thyroid gland. In central hypo, the TSH can be low, like yours, but the FT4/FT3 will also be low - and it's low T3 that causes symptoms, not the TSH - but you won't know unless you test them.

So, you want :




TPO antibodies

Tg antibodies

vit D

vit B12



That will give you a much better picture of what is going on. Details of private testing on the ThyroidUK main page. :)


Thanks for the advice. Will follow through on that. Cheers👍

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