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Overactive Thyroid with Hashimotos

Hi everyone, last year after feeling agitated,heat intolerant,unable to sleep,increase in palpitations..I went to the doc to ask for my thyroid to be tested. The results came back as an over active thyroid. On further tests and medication reduced to 5mg carbimazol from 20mgs,I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Over the past year I've put on weight,have low energy etc. Does anyone have advise on how to best lose weight,raise energy levels? My endocrinologist has told be to stop my carbimazol in July(18mths after diagnosis) Many thanks Jackie

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So, are you taking thyroid hormone replacement, now?

Do you have a copy of your last labs?

You are not going to lose the weight until your thyroid hormone level (T3) is optimal. And, low-calorie diets and strenuous exercise are just going to make things worse. You need the correct treatment (thyroid hormone replacement) for your thyroid

On the other hand, you could try going 100% gluten-free. That could lower antibodies, and does help some people lose weight. You could also try taking selenium, which can also lower antibodies, and also helps with conversion.

I do wish these stupid doctors would test for antibodies before they start dishing out the carbimazol!

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Hi Grey Goose, the only labs I received were my t4 14.9 and TSH 8.12. Thanks Jackie


Well, a TSH of 8.12 is very hypo. But we would need the range to be able to interpret the FT4.


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