Breathing problems

Does anyone have info or advice on symptoms of enlarged thyroid (goiter) associated with Hashis?

I had an ultrasound scan a couple of months ago which didn't show any lumps so considered not a problem. One GP says it will never shrink and another says it may when levels improve.

I'm currently on 100mcg Levothyroxine and being reviewed regularly until TSH levels improve (these have reduced from 44 to 8 over last 5 months).

I am getting breathing problems that are not alleviated with usual asthma inhalers and although reasonably fit as a rule, I'm finding walking uphill exhausts me quickly and breathing problems occur also when at rest (even woke at 3am with difficulty breathing last night). I have aching in my throat and wonder if these problems are due to constriction because of the enlarged thyroid gland?

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Your thyroid medication dose needs increasing until your TSH is 1.0 or lower. Your goiter may then shrink a little relieving pressure on your trachea. If breathing problems continue you may need to consider a thyroidectomy to relieve constriction. The aching is probably due to inflammation from the high TSH 'flogging' your thyroid gland.

Thank you Clutter, that's very helpful. I wasn't sure if a thyroidectomy would be an option and if doctors would recommend given there is no sign of cancer. I'll talk to my doctor again at my next appointment in a couple of days. Thanks.


Thyroidectomy can be done when nodules or goitre are impacting other organs but if there is any chance of shrinking the goitre that is a better option than surgery which should be the last option. Increasing dose until TSH is 1.0 or lower should be the target for now.

Yes absolutely - just getting ahead of myself due to impatience! Thanks again for your advice.

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