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Infra red heat treatment

May seem odd but I bought an infrared heat lamp with a view to hopefully helping my dog who has a bad spinal injury. I've been toying with the idea of buying a near infrared sauna as I've read that these are beneficial for both general health and specific ailments.

I've just been reading this blog page - "Why I’m Obsessed with Infrared Light Therapy: Boosts Metabolism, Thyroid + Mood" on organicolivia.com. On it she mentions it being beneficial for hypothyroid sufferers, has anyone any experience of this? I'm using the lamp on me as the dog seems a lot less enthusiastic than I'd hoped lol. It's a relaxing experience anyway but if it's doing me some good then that's a bonus. The lamp is like a big anglepoise and was around £50 new on eBay.

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I am using a vitamin D lamp - for me this seems to work much better that vitamin D supplements. I did wonder if the "light" aspect was why


Please could you tell us more about the vitamin D light - see my reply to original poster.




I am sure it wont do you any harm and it is a bonus if it helps your hypo.

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It sounds like a non-invasive way of helping you to feel a little better, so I would carry on as we don't have enough sunshine around and so many are lacking in vitamin D. Good luck and very many thanks for sharing this with us all.


I know someone (non-thyroid patient) who uses this and does swear it improves mood and energy. Never tried it myself, but if it gives you the same benefits as the sun it would make sense!

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I believe the heat can help the body detox, in the same way as a sauna or steam does. I think I read this on Dr Myhill's website.

I would be interested in learning more about which sort of light helps the body to make vitamin D? It sounds like a very good idea.



This is what I am using (currently not available anywhere that I can see )


Here's some research looking at ways to improve vitamin D in patients who have significant gut absorption issues (Cystic Fibrosis)


I have diagnosed gut issues & gluten intolerance & Hashimotos (more on my profile)

Having tried normal vitamin D supplements three times, always with same terrible bone pain such that continuing was unbearable, I took the decision it was worth a punt to try a lamp as I always became hypo again when not taking the vitamin D.

What the lamp seems to have highlighted that I was taking more T4 than I can really tolerate. So recently reduced T4 very slightly & considering adding T3 instead if TSH goes too high/hypo issues return. But not rushing into that.

Vitamin D is made on skin by UVB light. UVB light levels increase at high altitudes. Perhaps that is a contributory factor as to why mountain dwelling people are so healthy & live so long?

This website says don't use one



Thanks, will look into this.


Hi where do you find vitamin d lamps oa thanks


I have been considering the far infrared portable sauna too - as I understand it, it detoxes the body...

I already use a small light box for Vit D every day - but I don't think the two things are the same ....


I wouldn't be getting the far infra red sauna, the near infrared is considered more beneficial. If you google Dr. Wilson and near infrared red sauna not only has he produced a decent amount of information but he also offers free all the instructions for building your own. It appears not to be that difficult if you are reasonably handy and it's certainly cheaper than buying one. If you're in the U.K. There is a company who build them to Dr. Wilson's spec. They come out at about £850 delivered and that includes everything you need apart from something to sit on lol. I think they're worth it especially if the health benefits are as comprehensive as claimed.


thank you for the info - very helpful! am off to Google Dr Wilson now. I hadn't realised there was near as well as far! so much to learn, so many twists and turns with this thyroid stuff!


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