Does anyone else feel depressed after eating? Could it be metabolic?

I know it seems odd. But occasionally when I'm a bit tired I feel depressed after eating.its usually after my evening meal.

I feel myself slowing down ( like hypo) and then the depression hits. It's an odd thing.

Does it sound familiar to anyone else. It doesn't last all evening.

Could it be metabolism related?

One for the scientists I suspect!

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what is your cookware made of ?

if its anything other than stainless steel or cast iron or glass ditch it


If cookware was the cause post-prandial depression wouldn't be confined to evenings.

not nessecarily have no idea how many food manufacturers of all kinds use aluminium lines everything from cornflakes to ryvita to mc vities choc digestives is on a no no list for me

I only use stainless steel. I ditched any aluminium years ago on strict orders from my mother!

good for your Mum


Could be low blood sugar/post-prandial depression

Thanks all.

I've never heard of post-prandial depression Clutter but it sounds very like what I'm describing.

It's as though I gave this god awful sinking feeling in my stomach and abdomen. Like the worst feeling of impending doom.


It just means after eating or after dining depression. The links explain why it happens.

Yes I get it occasionally, but more often a feeling of sudden vague annoyance/aggravation at nothing in particular and only ever after the evening meal. I'm sure it's to do with hypoglycemia and alterations in blood sugar following the meal, as Clutter mentions. There can be very dramatic reactions, I've twice seen people start to talk rubbish, vomit and faint after not having eaten for a while then eating a meal in the evening. Both times it was due to low blood sugar before the meal, one due to having had minor surgery that day and not enough to eat, the other due to having travelled and not eating at all on the journey.

However if this happens when you've eaten regularly there may be another cause. I tend to eat small amounts during the day as I have almost no appetite, and just a main meal in the evening.

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