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Small cystic nodule appeared on US within 9 months - will it get any bigger?

First ultrasound was normal, 15 months later showed heterogeneous changes/no increase in size (I obtained radiology report), 9 months later shows (this is an endo letter not actual report) very small benign cystic nodule in right lobe 3x2x4mm, this is very common and not of importance. Funny they didn't mention the previous findings, I will ask to see radiology report when I see them. They also never talk about my consistently high TPOab. I'm seeing them shortly, just wondering how to approach it?

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A cystic nodule could increase in size but that doesn't mean that it will.

High thyroid peroxidase antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). There is no cure for Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Treatment is for the low thyroid levels it eventually causes. Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies.

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Hi thanks... I was thinking if it's grown to that in 9 months could it grow again. I wonder if they'll repeat my US in another 9 months? I'd feel happier with that. I feel I've been hypo for a few years but recently I've felt hyper. Yes I learnt gluten/dairy free the hard way! Def helps. My TSH goes up & down from 2.7-6.9, FT4 always bottom of the range at 12. FT3 middle of range.



It could grow but is currently tiny. I don't know whether it would be necessary to repeat the ultrasound scan.

Are you taking Levothyroine?


No thyroid meds, I asked for a trial last year but they wouldn't allow it.


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