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Buying T3 in Greece

Hi everyone, is it a definite certainty you can buy T3 i.e. Dithyron and levothyroxine over the counter without prescription in Greece mainland?

If this is the case I think I will go for a short holiday to Athens lol. I have no thyroid and benefit from T3 and nhs are basically saying no no no!

If anyone knows for certain please let me know.


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Levothyroxine (T4), Liothyronine (T3) and Dithyron (50mcg T4 and 12.5mcg T3) are available over the counter without prescription. There has been mention of shortages of UniPharma T3 in Greece. You may want to check with Marz before booking a holiday.

If you want online sources for T3 send me a PM.


Brilliant thank you for this info

I live in Crete and am finding it difficult to track down T3 at the moment .... The Manufacturers are restricting amounts sent to distribution warehouses as they have been selling on for profit rather than shipping to pharmacies. This has been reported on English speaking Greek Blogs and also involves other pills and potions.


Aw really ok. It is dithyron I am looking for. Started it a week ago and seriously the improvement in me is remarkable.


OK well you could possibly find that - but it will require ordering when you arrive - as Pharmacies carry very low stocks - just one pack - has been my experience. They have daily deliveries.

I have heard that in Athens they are a little stricter about giving out meds without a prescription. In Crete all rules are made up as we go along !


Brilliant thanks so much for this advice. Do you think if I came to crete I could order dithyron? Thanks

Yes you can fly into Chania with Ryanair - and I have a studio - our Guest House is booked. We have several pharmacies around us in various villages and around 60 in Chania itself. I will check out the availability of Dithyron when next I am out and about - maybe tomorrow. My Accountant takes it so .....


Hi please help, my endocrinologist keeps asking my GP to prescribe T3, GP refuses. Where can I but T3 online reasonably priced? Thanks

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I used <an online site> best I've used so far

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Personally I would order it first and then pick it up in person.

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I think that to withdraw your T3 and you have had a TT is nothing short of barbarous.

I have my gland and it is the only hormone which has brought life back to my whole body.

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