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Thank goodness for this forum!

So i got a diagnosis 6 weeks ago of being hypothyroidism and was put on 100mcg levo I went for my blood test this morning and asked the phlebotomist what the doc wanted testing she replied your TSH :-/ that's it? No T4 no T3 no antibodies no vitamins just TSH I've not even seen a doc since i went to explain my symptoms :-( fortunately thanks to this site I've read the root cause got printouts of previous blood tests and have ordered a full thyroid antibodies and Vit test from medichecks. My mum has been in Levo for years and has always felt unwell and been unable to lose weight, she is one of those people who thinks Doc knows best and regularly gets ridiculed and put down by docs :-(

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Yes, thank goodness for this forum - where would we be without it.

I also have been ridiculed by docs, but also family for going on about thyroid.... am I the only one being a thyroid bore? however, they can now see that I have more energy than I've had for years, so perhaps they may start to lessen the criticism.


I've definitely become a thyroid bore! But i was very active and full of life i just want to get back to feeling human!

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