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Could anyone recommend whether an iodine pinprick test is useful/reliable before starting Levothyroxine please?

Hi, was intending to write a more lengthy post, but just realised I have a good offer which ends tonight on the above test!

Could anyone reccomend whether this is useful to test please and a good method of doing so?

I'm concerned about getting all levels as good as I can before starting treatment ( am on b12 monthly inj. iron, folate occasionally, due to recheck vit d, but felt worse on supplements)). Also considering adrenal test.

My thyroid levels are early morning test

Tsh 4.58

Ft4 14

4.30pm test

Tsh 3.53

Ft4 13

First test was a pinprick private, 2nd at doctors.

Tsh was just over 6 last year on a private test, and f4 16, both tsh and f4 have been jumping around for couple of years. Antibodies and f3 fine.

Private results suggested retesting in 3 months, dr says thyroxine and that I'd be experiencing symptoms now, which I appreciate is positive, but NHS results are the same as last year when he insisted I wouldn't be experiencing symptoms??

Many thanks

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It depends on where you live. It is true hypothyroidism can be caused by a deficiency in iodine but this would be highly unusual in the UK.

Members need the ranges (numbers in brackets) to comment on given thyroid hormone test results.

A TSH & T4 result "jumping about" might indicate Hashimotos. Have you had both TPOAb and TGAb thyroid antibodies tested ? ?

Also, you don't give your T3 result. Comparing a FT3 result with FT4 result will give an idea of how you are converting thyroxine.


Many thanks rad, appreciate it wasn't helpful without the ranges, will add them tomorrow!

I'm in east Anglia area, so you're saying it varies please?

Yes, both antibodies tested

Antiperoxidase 9.0 <34

Antithyroglob 16.1 <115

Thanks again...


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