feedback from anyone who wears wigs, help needed here please

I would appreciate feedback on wigs, makes and sizes please, I have a stupid petite head and most wigs are average and too big- so now I am going to moan about that- bad enough losing hair without having to pay out for wigs but even worse when the wigs don't

fit! there are very little choice in petite and all have too much 'hair'--which I don't want- it is too much of a contrast-- some average size come up a bit smaller--I. e . stimulate make by ellen willie , but ar ethere any other smaller average sizes, with shoulder length not

short hair. thanks. it might be a good idea if heathunlocked had a cataogory channel for people with wigs and hairloss in its own right, we could gain info on wigs, makers,suppliers, sizes, etc??

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  • In a rush just now (((pettals))) hence scant reply to your troublesome problem, just some insight. How about looking at children's wigs ? If you are a very petite lady with a matching head size perhaps these would suit better ?

    No hair simply plonked on will look good, it needs cutting in and for that reason wigs do seem very pouffy. You have been loosing hair for such a long time you are mindful of everyone you know appreciating that you're wearing a wig. Wigs darling are not made to look like they're follically challenged. Trust me: most people see hair and that's enough. You are 'normal' and they will not seek out any slight differences. I wish I could walk with you around a local supermarket and point out to you all the people wearing wigs, hairpieces, wefts and extensions. We are legion.

    And BTW if someone knows, so freaking what ? What is their problem ? And bear in mind it is their problem, pettals. I am troubled by a world that has such a narrow view of what is considered 'normal' and seeks out all those who are considered 'other' to hold them up and point them out. Where is the love ? They need to get over themselves. Trust me one more time, pettals: we are all flawed. Some of us have visible scars of living a life. Some have scars that are hidden. No-one is perfect. Make you peace with that and let your new hair be pouffy. Who gives a freak.

  • Rapunzel thanks, but I feel so self conscious I cant help it- I live in a small town andi hate it!!!! its a personal feeling that only the owner of that feeling can deal with andi cant-- kids wigs are too bland and again tooo much hair- in my area they are useless hairdressers-no artistic forsight do not know how to cut wigs in and refuse... hard to find ahairdresser with that skill but thanks anyway

  • yes Rapunzel- I thought that too but I forgot to say- as yuou were rushing that WAS a fabulous caring reply, but then you are a caring person anyway, an di appreciate your reply immensely-- thanks you so much ...hugs...

  • is an awesome site to learn about the different kinds of wigs, which ones fit smaller etc. You need to set up an account and then there is a bit of a wait before you are approved.

    I learned alot on there and ended buying a custom real hair/synthetic blend. Takes about 3 months, so I still haven't seen it yet.

  • thanks kalicocat will have alook..

  • looking for wigs I just came across this video-- this older lady has got hair, but I was fascinated at her make up and the wig she wore altho she has got a proper sized head and hair to use with it.. she has a fab sense of humor too.. from drab to fab...

  • I trained as a wig maker. One thing - due to the way wigs are made, they end up with at least 1/3 more hair compared to a regular head of hair. So, they always (unless custom made at a lower density) need thinning a lot. It will make a big difference to a wig if you get that done.

    Another thing, a regular wig can be made smaller by taking it in over the ears. It requires some simple sewing skills, but is probably worth doing if you find an not too expensive regular sized wig you like.

    There was a range of petite synthetic wigs that were very nice some years ago - they had small lace front (hand tied sections) so looked more natural than a lot of stock (not custom made) wigs. I'll try and see if I can find them or remember the name.

  • Found it - The name is Sentoo. Some of then are 100% hand tied, which will be more comfortable than one made with wefts. They do some petite wigs - e.g.

  • mabes thankyoufor this info therare a few more onhere and a bit longer and thankyou shaws also for yourhelp and rapanzel and everyonewho has replied, sorry if I misse dyour name off but feeling unwell and dizzy today hugs to all.

  • mabes please come to my house and make me one! I didhave sentoo a while back, it was so thick and was cut but didn't look natural- and then I had another, it is stillso thick, but no hairdresser wants to cut them- I need you here mabes!!!!

  • Have you tried a specialist wig cutting stylist? You need someone who understands wigs and isn't afraid to thin it quite dramatically!

    Trevor Sorbie did have a training scheme for hair stylists to learn to cut wigs and I think he had a searchable list of them so people could find one in their area. Having said, that I have never used one so not sure how brave they are to thin them. I think a lot of regular stylists get scared because it won't grow back if they make a mistake!

  • mabes yes I agree, in fact hairdressers are crap today in general--- there I s tony n guy but wont cut unless you buy wigs from them! no one wants to help these days- so selfish a nation!

  • Whereabouts are you? Perhaps I can find someone for you.

    I find it amazing and awful that Toni and Guy will only cut wigs you buy from them! That's sick when you think that people whose hair grows from their head can choose to go wherever they want and people who are sick or have alopecia have to pay an arm and a leg just to look 'normal'.

  • send pm ok

  • yes I agree, I remember being in a wig shop two hours and the woman with thick hair serving was getting fed up, I said LOOK you have thick, hair!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mabes I just fone wigtopia , a family firm and a lovely lady thankyou so much and I can order on fone so will have alook thru take care.

  • That's good really good news. I hope you find something you like! :-)


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