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Blood test results

Received my blood test results yesterday and was told 'All normal'. I asked for the figures and was told TSH 0.74 and B12 240. I am on 125 mgs of Levothyroxine. About 8 months ago I was given B12 injections as I was considered deficient. I'm feeling tired and achy again and I'm disappointed that I'm not getting more at the moment. I am 71 and have only one kidney after cancer 4 years ago, my adrenal gland was removed too. The cancer hadn't gone into the lymph system and six monthly scans have so far been positive. I have never seen an endo, just my GP and wonder if I should ask to be referred.

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TSH 0.34 indicates you are probably adequately dosed on 125mcg. Unfortunately TSH gives no clue to what your thyroid hormone levels T4 and T3 are. If T4 and T3 are low a dose increase would be indicated. As your GP practice presumably doesn't test T4 and T3 you might want to order a private TSH, FT4 and FT3 test via

B12 240 is low and indicates you are not hanging on to B12 after injections. Ask for advice on B12 deficiency and low B12 on


Thinking about it, I didn't describe my scan results very well, I should have said that so far they have been good - saying positive indicates the opposite - silly me!

Thank you for the advice Clutter.


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