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T3 prescriptions stopped

I am trialling NDT at the moment and saw my GP this morning to request a blood test form. She told me that if I decide to go back on T3 they will longer prescribe it as they have been over the last 2 years, due to new rules.

I don't feel that NDT is working out for me and was thinking I may go back on T3 after giving it a bit longer so I want to have that option. She suggested I complain to the CCG but I am not sure I have the energy. Could someone please PM me a reliable source of T3 so that I can see if I can afford to buy it myself?

Many thanks in advance.

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The BTA have issued a statement about withdrawing T3 from patients who are doing well on it. My understanding is that plans to withdraw T3 are still under review.


I'm closing this post to replies as members will send you a private message as you requested.

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