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Trouble at the dentist

When I went to the dentist 3 weeks ago for a check up I had my teeth cleaned they were so sensitive I had to get her to stop. I went back today to have the roots of a wisdom tooth out. I'm the meantime I have been diagnosed with under active thyroid and started thyroxine which I told dentist before I sat down. She injected in my gum and roof of my mouth which wasn't enough so she injected a bit more. Still not good enough so I sat in the waiting room for 10 minutes. I got a fit of the giggles which was weird and embarrassing. I went back in but when she tried to remove the roots I had to stop her. Is this connected with my thyroid or something else.

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I suffered tooth pain and had to heat my salad to room temp when low on thyroid hormone. Even the dentist blasty-air-thing and squirty water shot me through the roof.

You have only just started medicating thyroid hormone replacement and it can take months before wellbeing is achieved.

I would say there is a high chance of your tooth pain being down to low thyroid hormones, both which will hopefully improve over the following weeks.

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Yes the blasty air thing and water squirter was bad too but I didn't mention it because i thought that was too silly but I'm glad I'm not the only one. Because I stopped her treatment she wants to send me to the hospital for sedation. It's not urgent so I'm going to wait a few months.


I take t3 and t4, but with lovely dentist for the past 10 years, I have got over this problem by having the injection to numb the area, half an hour prior to treatment, seems to work for me. Otherwise previously would have to have several injections, enough to numb an elephant!!


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