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Medichecks offer - 4 days only with code

Hi everyone, Ive just had an email from Medichecks you may be interested in - read past the 'focus on depression' 😁

World Health Day - 20% off all tests

World Health Day is on Friday 7th April and its focus this year is depression. Although it is a mental illness, depression can have its roots in many factors, from a thyroid disorder, to a hormone imbalance, to simply feeling unwell and off-colour for prolonged periods. That's why we want to make it even easier for you to investigate any symptoms you may have by celebrating World Health Day with a 4 day special offer.

Use voucher code WORLD17 at the checkout to get your 20% off

Does not apply to existing offers

They also have a new range of tests designed to investigate weight issues and fatigue, they all include a thyroid test with various combinations of other useful tests.

For newbies to self testing there are lab links on Thyroid UK which help support the site 😀😀

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Bum! I got a BH Thyroid plus 3 on the way (£49), Medichecks equivalent today is £29 :(

I shall console myself with the fact that I much prefer the lancet that BH provides, I find the Medichecks one doesn't work well on me.


You can buy the blue and white lancets online: BD 366594 Microtainer Contact-Activated Lancet, High Flow, 1.5 mm x 2 mm Size, Blue (Pack of 200). Not exactly cheap (a very quick google suggests around £50 from a Uk supplier) but being able to take advantage of discounted tests (especially if you do regular tests) would soon cover the cost and 200 should last a while 😀Ps medichecks have weekly 'Thyroid Thursday', I never pay more than £29 for basic TSH, FT4 and FT3 for example

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Thanks for info. I've been wanting to do private tests for a while but am such a scardy. Hope you don't mind my asking, how much blood is needed and how big are the viles in comparison to a blood draw at the GP's? Is it only a few spots that is needed?


A lot depends on the test, the vials are much much smaller than the dr uses tho ( think along lines of thickness of a pencil and filling maybe 2 cm deep ish🤔) the basic thyroid panel is one small vial, the ultravit as one small and one slightly larger as it is a larger no of tests. The trick is the lancing, they recomend the side if the pad rather than the centre, (I find this heals better too) washing your hands in quite warm water first also encouraged good blood flow, be well hydrated and dont squeeze too hard as it damages the cells. You get 4 lancets so if the puncture doesn't seem to be flowing try another finger, if the sample isnt good enough they will send you more vials and lancets for a fiver so you dinr waste the cist if the test itself. As with drs tests do first thing, overnight fast and dont take any meds until after the draw. You should have about 24 hours betwen last levo dose and test ti avoid skewing your results.If you cant face the finger prick they can arrange for you to attend a phlebotomist but Im guessing thats not cheap! Give it a go most people have no problem with a little practice!!


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