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Healthwatch/MP - Ask for help

Has anyone ever taken their concerns to Healthwatch England? Their mission is to support patients with enquiry to the medical profession AND to attain formal response. They have authoritative and legal power to obtain response even from the Secretary of State for Health.

Would everyone please consult their website:

Read their mission statement, it's their purpose to help patients to get fair treatment from health and social care. The more people to contact them, the more chance we have of being heard. I'm in the process of doing this, I'm tired of fighting with so-called experts, let someone else do it for us.

If you're contacting your MP with your concerns, which you all should because we pay their wages to act on our behalf, please also send copies of letters/emails to Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary. These people are public servants, they're in the job to represent us not tell us what to do, so use them for what they're paid for.

I'm having a painful, grumpy day today. Can you tell? Lol x


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I'm sorry you've had no replies, Caggie61, but thank you for posting.

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Yes I contacted them a few years ago to investigate why the NHS pay such a high price for T3 & look at the woeful treatment of Thyroid problems - they did reply but were looking at services for the blind.

I've contacted them again today...


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