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Notice to give GP

I was directed a while ago to a statement/document produced by a Thyroid Association about what this particular advisory group is telling GPs about changing their patients from T3 to T4 and how other factors should be considered before doing so etc.

I can't find it now and want to take it to my GP . I believe it was issued towards the end of last year? Can someone direct me towards it please.

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I think you might want the first three links on this page :



Thank you so much. This is it exactly.

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I only thrive on T3 alone and was in a mad panic last weekend. Someone gave me that same link for British Thyroid Association. I promptly printed out the Questions for GPs, underlined in red all the vital statements regarding whether to remove T3 from a patient. They have said so far that they won't replace T3 with T4 yet. I'm still getting ready for battle though. Good luck x


It is a very bad place for anyone to be in - wondering if they are about to lose the medicine that is so essential to them.

Maybe it would be worth asking the doctor for any evidence on how to switch from T3-only to T4 safely? My guess is that there is none - in the evidence-based medicine sense. So the changeover would have to be entirely the responsibility of the doctor making the change. (Slightly different if T3 were literally unavailable, anywhere. Then the doctor would just be trying to make the best of the bad situation.)


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