Is anyone else having problems seeing replies to posts?

Past two days I have been able to read posts but only a few of them have replies visable? They will say maybe 5 replies for example and I can scroll to bottom of page and nothing there? Others are ok, seems to be random. Im also still having to sign in everytime grrr even from my email notifications? Was just thinking I may not see the replies to this either lol! Thank you x

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  • Magsyh,

    Email to report the problems with seeing replies and having to sign in. It will help them if you say which device you are using, which operating system it uses and which browser you are using.

  • Click on the name of the person posting and list will come up, then click on one you wish to see. Annoying and time consuming but it works!. - hope this helps

  • Oops I have just posted the same question as it is happening to me, very annoying. I am not computer literate unfortunately.

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