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please help with latest blood test results please.

after a bit of a struggle i got this printout. ( i live in australia) my new GP was not happy with it. he does not like the tsh to be so low and wants me to up my t4 oroxine from 50 to 75 mcg, and as he didnt understand why i take t3 Tertroxine, he wants me to lower it from 40 to 20mcg. or better not at all!

this is my regular gp, i also see a privat one every now and then.he is very switched on about hormones and likes to help in any way. i will make an appointment with him later.

i will continuo to take my 50 mcg oroxine and 40mcg tertroxine, exept, if one of you find, it is the wrong dose.

i've been reading up nearly every article in here and try to understand how the level of the bloods should stand....but i haven't got a clue!

i am happy with the tsh to be under

ft4 is too low should be 2/3 % up

ft3 is right, isn't it?

how do i get it to move in the right direction?

i take





magnesium celate


thank you

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Hidden Does your GP actually know what he is talking about?

He doesn't like your suppressed TSH.

He told you to increase your Levothyroxine from 50mcg to 75mcg

Does he not know that increasing your Levo will reduce your TSH so it will be even more suppressed? If he wants your TSH to increase he should have suggested reducing your meds not increasing. Or is he hoping that the reduction in T3 will do it?

FT3 is in a pretty good place.

The guidance of TSH below 1 and FT4 in upper third of range and FT3 in upper quarter of range is for when a patient is on Levo only.

When you're taking T3 your FT4 generally lowers. You don't need it higher if you feel well where you are.


The guidance of TSH below 1 and FT4 in upper third of range and FT3 in upper quarter of range is for when a patient is on Levo only.

Hey mojas listen to SeasideSusie , she is a wise one and knows of what she speaks. I would have said nearly the same but taken half a page longer and not made as much sense or been as reserved about your @ss of a doctor. Bet your endo knows what's what, what what ? :D


i'm really happy at the moment, i still have all oft he bad symptoms of Hashimotos but somehow i am handling it better.

this GP told me, that i can not have another repeat of t3, as it is a .... don't know the right word for it. ( just to see. how i take to it!!!) he still gave me a prescription, but said, i might not get it handed in from the chemist?? i will print out some of it and show it to him next time i see him.

thanks for your input.

(i'm at a clean up after the cyclone debbie hit queensland. our caravan got 20 cm of mud from the flood through it and it needs to be cleaned up.)



I agree with Susie, your thyroid numbers look perfect to me. I wouldn't change it.

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hi :)

it looks like your body is converting the t4 and that may be why it is low?

I am no expert but if you increase the t4 you tsh will go down more i think.

last thyroid tests i have had have low tsh and high t4 and t3 is low.thats on meds though and i just take them by how I feel, if I get really cold and super lethargic etc.I take bit more but just 1 grain at a time. my body does not convert well though but you seem to so that's good :)

I have never seen an endo so I am not sure what is right as I am still learning and I have a bad memory most days and I am sure it is from being hypo. I struggle concentrating and focusing too.

how do you feel on that dose?

i would up it to 75 and see how you feel,but like i said i am no expert so i don't want to give wrong advice.

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thanks becrules, for your input. x


If you feel well there's no problem as everyone else says when taking T3 your T4 is suppressed.

T4 is the prohormone and T3 the active hormone, five times more active than T4 so tell him that's why you take it!

Your TSH is fine, under 1 for us.

What were you thyroid antibodies?


@katepots, i need another full blood-count to find out who he new reading. the old one was about 460.. i put it in one of the earlier postings.

i will see my private GP next week and then know more. x


Did you manage to go back to paleo?😳

Dr Datis Khazzarian has brilliant easy to understand books for Hashimotos Thyroditis if you've not read them.

Eliminating gluten and casein (in milk) can really help so get inflammation and antibodies under control. Both gluten and casein look like the thyroid to the body so when ingested and leak into the bloodstream your T cells are sent to attack but then also attack your thyroid.

I know you said you'd struggle with this but if you're still feeling awful it might be worth a go. Easy in Oz, you've so much delicious fish, fruit, veg, grass fed meat...

Susan Blum The Immune System Recovery Plan is good.

Selenium is one of the things that you can have too much of so be careful supplementing if you don't know levels.

There so must be a huge link between vitamin D deficiency and Hashimotos you're in Australia and supplementing!

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thanks katepots. as i said i will go back on to paleo, but with me, everything, every decision takes a very long time to establish.

i mad an appointment for the dentist at last...2 month late. and the gread GP who is so good in everything thyroid i will see next week. as well 3 month later.

i can only do one thing at the time, and even that....i will forget sometimes!!

i have a few good ebooks on paleo, gluten free. easy to follow. xx

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Take a look at this. It's a two week paleo diet plan from Izabella Wentz new book Hashimotos Protocol. X


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will do, thanks kate.


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