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Blood results. Reduce or Increase NDT?

I have been treated for several months for hypo. I have severe hair loss abd major weight loss. I have been to my internist who is treating me for thyroid and hrt. My dr. suggested increasing my wp thyroid from 95 to 125. Have seen two dr's. Endocrinologist and Rhumatologist who read my blood results and said I was on too much thyroid meds and that might be what is making hair fall out and suggested I drop the dose to 65. Not sure which dr. advice to follow. Also my ferritin is consistently high. No idea why. Taking Biotin supplement for hair. Having to wear wigs the hair loss is so bad. Shedding slowed for a while but has since increased. Dr. added 10 mg of t3 2 months back. Felt great on it but shedding was so intense, discontinued. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Results:


Serum Ferritin 342 (15-150 ng/ml)

Free T3 2.3(2.0-4.4)

Reverse T3 17.3 (9.2-24.1)

B12 (697 (211-946)

Vit D 61.2(30-100)

TSH 0.312 (0.45-4.500)

T4 1.14 (0.82-1.77)

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I would increase WP dose to raise FT3 which is low in range.

Make sure you skip biotin for a couple of days prior to thyroid testing because it can interfere with FT4 assays which use biotin.

Ferritin can be high due to inflammation somewhere in the body. Presumably your rheumatologist has checked full blood count?

VitD is optimal around 40-60ng/ml and B12 >500 is unlikely to be deficient.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, Rheumatologist has done full blood count. Have been to three just to see if anyone can find anything with the high ferritin. They have all said no auto immune. My EBV nuclear antigen Ab, IgG is elevated 28.1(0.0-17.9)

It't just so confusing when one dr. says to raise it and two dr.'s tell me I am on too much and should lower it immediately.

Insomnia and weight loss are also concerning to me.


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